Ryan gets in Fitness Cover Model Shape with Hitch Fit!!

Posted on: October 28th, 2010 by Micah LaCerte 1 Comment

I get clients that come in from time to time that are already in good shape, have been working out for awile but just cannot seem to get their body to that top level.  This is where I go in and tweak everything.  Ryan from day 1 worked his tail off switched his style of eating, style of training and lifestyle and this is what happened.  COVER MODEL SHAPE.. Amazing buddy.  In May of 2011 Im hoping he will step on stage at the Wbff Show in the Fitness Model Category, he has the body and face to do very well.  Also ladies this guy is single.. I had to throw that plug in , its why they originally gave me the nickname Hitch!!

I was introduced to the Hitch Fit family by two of my friends, Gwen Merino and Brandi Wisdom, both of whom had their lives transformed by Micah. I saw what he had done for their lives and began following Micah on Facebook. Once I began following Micah I became more and more intrigued and inspired to change my own life.

See How Ryan got in Fitness Model Shape-

Prior to beginning with Micah, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t achieve the results that I wanted out of my body. I worked out regularly and took high dollar supplements – thinking that was what it took. My diet and lifestyle were collectively terrible. My typical day of nutrition was skipping breakfast and eating out for lunch and dinner. Now, after my time with Micah, I know how truly ignorant I was in my approach to reaching my goals.

Micah laid the foundation of our plan at our first meeting and gave me my new nutrition plan. I have to admit, while I knew my eating habits were going to change, I was somewhat overwhelmed. Once I began my meal plan, I was actually eating about twice as much as I used to, however, I was eating things that were good for my body instead of destroying it. At first the eating was very difficult. But very quickly my body adapted and would almost let me know like an alarm clock when it was time to eat.

During my first workout I thought I was going to die. Micah pushes you beyond what you think you can do. My typical day in the gym (before Micah) would be to do a set, talk for a couple minutes with friends, walk to the drinking fountain, then head back for another. Micah taught me intensity and focus while in the gym. The talking and goofing around can be done after the workout…put headphones on.

During my time with Micah at Hitch Fit I have learned a lifestyle that I will be able to maintain for the rest of my life. The program is not a six month yo yo diet. You learn things that change you inside and out forever. As equally important to me as the things Micah has taught me is the friendship that I’ve gained. Micah, Diana, James and whole Hitch Fit team are a family and they treat you as a member of their family. I thank Micah for the knowledge he has provided me and I look forward to the future working with him and having him as a friend.

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  • Chaddy Chad

    HIGH FIVE Ryan! ;-) That a baby…way to GET AFTER IT and GET IT done! Chaddy Chad’s PROUD of you! May God continue to bless you…