Fire Fighter Sets Hitch Fit Weight Loss Record Dropping 73 lbs of Fat in Only 4 months

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Fire Fighter Sets Hitch Fit Weight Loss Record Dropping 73 lbs of Fat in Only 4 months

What an Amazing Job Steve Did..Dropping 73 lbs of Fat and now living a New Lifestyle.. SO awesome.. Steve did the 16 week Lose Weight Feel Great Plan To See More Hitch Fit Transformations Click Here

Steves Transformation Video

male, lose weight feel great, over 70 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

Steve Day 1 Started at 301 lbs

4 months Later 228lbs

My weight has been like a roller coaster ride.  Growing up, I was always the tall skinny kid.  I was fairly athletic and played both baseball and basketball growing up.  My parents wouldn’t let me play football cause they thought I would get hurt.  When I got to high school, I finally had talked my parents into letting me play football.  Again, I was tall and skinny but I had raw strength and was very quick.  I turned out to be a pretty good football player earning All Metro and All State honors.  I tried so hard to gain weight because being recruited by colleges, weight and height was of importance. When started playing college ball, I was still that tall skinny guy trying to gain any weight and muscle I could.  College ball was a whole new ball game.  I started doing alot of powerlifting and eating anything I could.  My strength and conditioning coach at the time told me to eat butter.  Eat butter, are you kidding me.  By the end of my freshman year I had gained 50 lbs of muscle and was then weighing 275.  I kept that weight, diet and lifting routing all through college.  After ball and college, I kept the same diet, tokk out the power lifting and excersing and switched to chicken wings and beer.  I became a mess.  It didnt help matters that I had an injury shortly after college that made me more depressed in the way I looked at myself and diet. male, lose weight feel great, over 70 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost This went on for several years.  A good friend of my wife and I had completed a program with hitchfit and she had amazing results.  As many of you know, that person was Brandi Wisdom.  I saw her article on hitchfit and thought that was amazing but I couldnt see past my bad diet and habbits  to make those changes like her.  A short time later, my wife started a program with hitchfit.  At first, I thought it was some kind of drug she was on.  She was up early every morning weighing and cooking meals.  She had so much dedication.  You would think that would of rubbed up on me, but it didnt.  I kept up with my over eating and lack of excerse.  I would work out for a few weeks at the fire station and then stop because I had no goals. male, lose weight feel great, over 70 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost Later that year, my wife competed in a fitness competion.  When I saw her on stage, I was beside myself.  I then saw her hard work and dedication shinning through.  Something happened to me that day, and I decided then to take control of my life. Shortly there after, I signed up for a program through hitchfit.  Micah sent me all the material to make it through a 16 week program and material to stay on track after the transformation.  I received the program on a wedensday.  I wanted to start that day but my wife advised me to start on Sunday.  We were eating that friday night at the Jazz.  My young son had to use the restroom after dinner so I helped him out.  While in the restroom, there were markers laying around and people had made statements all over the walls.  I took a marker and wrote,”Last meal before starting hitchfit”.  I told my wife what i had written and decided to start the next morning. The next morning, I entered a gym I was member of but hadnt seen.  I walked in and smelt the glade plug ins and the and cleaning bottles by every workout station. lol  I went for it.  I was there for 3 hours the first day.  The workout was tuff but i got through it.  I kept at it and the diet.  Everything was hard to get used to at first but as time went on, everything got easier.  I communicated at least once a week with Micah on weight loss and questions.  He got back to me very quickly and made the transformation easier as well.  I had someone there to kick my butt and keep me in line with my goals.  After a short time, the weight was flying off.  During my transformation, I went on 2 vacations and found it difficult to sometimes stay on the diet.  If I fell off a little bit, I would make up it up with cardio.  Towards the end of my transformation, I was an animal.  You couldnt keep me out of the gym.   I am so glad that I found hitchfit for it changed my life.  It made me look at diet and excerse in a new light.  This was not an easy process but nothing in life is.  You have to want to do this and be committed to it.  If you have the desire and dedication, you can succeed.  Micah states something in his book and is something that I kept in the back of mind during my transformation.  “Negatives lead to more negatives and positives lead to more positives”.

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