I am so proud of Matt and everything he accomplished, as you will soon read Matt is very busy juggling Kids, Multiple jobs and Life in general.  HE MADE TIME and proved that you cannot use the I do not have time excuse anymore.  Matt dropped 40 lbs, , Increased his energyDropped His blood pressure and cholesterol levels to a very healthy spots and is now very confident with the new body.  The transformation effected him in every aspect of life


My name is Matt Payne.  I am a Kansas City Police Officer on the SWAT team.  You would think that a Police Officer especially a SWAT team Officer would be in great shape right?  Well not so much.  I had let myself become overweight and out of shape.  My uniforms had become tight and uncomfortable. I had just got some 2XL shirts because the XL shirts were too tight.  I was wearing size 38” waist pants.  My friends and co-workers would joke with me and call me “fat”.  This really affected my self-esteem. I would suck my gut in while looking in the mirror to make myself feel better about my appearance. I WAS IN DENIAL.  In reality I was the heaviest I had ever been (217 lbs).  I lacked motivation and energy.  I was embarrassed of who I had become.  I would lose my breath doing minimal activity (such as putting my boots on).

I would work out in the gym, but never really got any results.  I was never really sure what exercises to do or for how long.  I would run for a little bit and lift a few weights and call it good.  Well that just wasn’t working anymore.  My diet was horrible (unless cheese burgers, fries and ice cream are considered health foods).  I have never had a good diet; I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.  I never ate breakfast.  I would wake up and head off to work only to find myself starving at lunch time. I would usually gorge myself for lunch and then find myself starving by the time I got home for dinner.  I would then end up gorging myself again and then go to bed on a full stomach. I was the guy who would tell myself I would just work out a little bit harder in the gym.  Well that only worked in my 20’s.  Now I was 39 years old and it seemed that the thought of something sweet would make me gain a pound.

My cholesterol was at an all time high. My blood pressure was borderline high.  I knew my health was suffering from my poor diet.  I needed a change.  But what change?  My life is so busy.  How would I have time for a change?  I am married with 4 kids.  I have a full time job and 2 part time jobs.  I also own and operate a Lawn Care/Snow Removal Company.  How would I have the time to do a workout program or diet?  I needed help!

I then learned about Hitch Fit and was thrilled to see people I actually knew who had completed the program with great results.  I read their stories online and could relate to them.  I was motivated to make a change.  I desperately needed a change (for my family, my career, my self esteem, but mostly for myself).  I decided to take the plunge and buy the program.  I am not sure how I did it, but I found the time.  My wife supported me and encouraged me along the way.  The diet was tough at first, but got easier once I figured out how to get prepared for the week.  The workouts and cardio were very demanding. I would find myself working out at midnight after work, just to get the workout in.  I would choose to workout, instead of getting a good night’s sleep.  My hard work and dedication was paying off, I watched the scale go down week by week.  I could not believe how fast the pounds were dropping.  My clothes were getting baggy.  I looked forward to sending Micah my report for the week with my new weight and measurements.  My friends and co-workers would make positive comments on my changes.  It kept me motivated and on track.  I was holding myself accountable.  I would not let myself fail.

Finally, I am proud to say I now weigh 180lbs.  (That’s 37 pounds down!) I had to get new uniforms because they were falling off of me.  I now have a 32” waist.  I have not wore 32” pants since High School.  I traded in those 2XL shirts for L shirts.  I feel great.  I may not be a fitness model, but I am in the best shape of my life!  My cholesterol numbers are at an all time low.  My blood pressure is perfect.  I found happiness within myself that I have needed for quite sometime.  My friends and coworkers no longer call me “fat”.  It felt great to go on a beach vacation and not be embarrassed to take my shirt off.  I know I still have some more work to do, but I am headed in the right direction.  I am going to make healthy choices and continue with my workouts going forward.  I have learned how to eat and workout properly.  I will never go back to the overweight unhealthy person I was a few months ago.  Thanks Micah for your help along the way.

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