I was blown away when I saw Chad on his Final Day.  This is what I call a TRANSFORMATION to the Fullest.  Chad Started at 208 lbs on 11-14-10 with a 42″ Stomach and Over 28% Body fat.  Within 4 months he had transformed himself inside out.  He is now 158lbs, has a 30 3/4″ Stomach and 6.07% Body Fat.. Every pound of scale weight he had dropped was FAT not 1 lb of Muscle sacrificed.. AMAZING.  The most important part of all of this is he nows as the energy to keep up with his kids and is very healthy.

Chad I’m Very Proud of you buddy.. You will inspire so Many!!!

My story really starts with self-denial.  I was the guy that would look at himself in the mirror suck in my gut and then tell myself I was not fat and out of shape. How could I be?  I was the guy that played sports in high school and college; the guy that went from college to the United States Marines Corps as an Officer and then onto Law Enforcement where I am currently in SWAT.  I could not be the fat guy as I have always been in shape and I always will.  But at the same time I was the guy who would go to the gym, stand around and talk, and then tell myself I had just had a great workout.  Then I would head off to eat and order an appetizer with my meal or eat so much food I would almost be sick.  But I still kept telling myself that I was good even though it was having an effect on my job and worst of all my family.

I finally decided it was time for a change when I was playing with my kids one night and I started to chase them around the house.  Both of them were running and having a great time with their dad when they decided to run up stairs so they could hide in their rooms.  I gave chase up the stairs and as I reached the top (a whole 16 steps) I was so out of breath I had to stop playing with my kids and rest.  Shortly after that I was looking at myself in the same mirror again and this time I told myself I needed a change.  So I went and looked up the HitchFit web site.  I had heard about it through other Police Officers and friends particularly Brandi Wisdom.  But even then I sat on my butt for another two weeks tell I finally told my wife I felt like I needed a change in my life.  She was behind me 100%, she just said, “you need a plan. If you can get that from HitchFit – I say do it”.

Chad Tells you how he Lost all this weight and looks so great!!!


Then my Transformation all started with the very first email.  A list of questions, most of which I was not even sure how to answer, my goal was to lose weight and get in better shape.  Nothing specific – just get in better shape, then I received my plan and I started looking over the information.  I realized right away I did not have a clue on proper nutrition or working out.  Plus there was the little matter of the accountability to Micah on what I had been doing the week prior.  I realized almost instantly that HitchFit was not a diet or workout plan, it was a change in lifestyle and one that I needed.

It started slow, I can’t remember the last time I was as sore as I was after the first two weeks.  I even sent Micah and email asking what I could do to help the soreness, as I felt as if I could barely get out of bed.  His words of wisdom were keep pushing forward  – it will get better and you will get stronger, even though I am sure he wanted to say stop crying.  With Micah’s plan I was able to push myself father then I thought possible, with everyday I was feeling and looking better.  I started to believe I could be the person on the outside I have always wanted to be.   This was the first time I felt like I was getting somewhere with my workouts.  I had tried other workouts or even making them up myself nothing worked.  But it all seem to come together with the HitchFit plan, I felt like I was able to see where I was headed.

In the end I not only met my expectations but I surpassed them.  I finished my program weighing less then I did in high school, but looking and feeling so much better.  It did not just stop there as I now had the tools to keep moving forward and be the husband, father and person I have always wanted to be.

In the end, Micah I want to say Thanks for everything you have given me over the past 4 months.  Even though I was an online client I never felt like I was less important or that I bothered you with all of my questions.  You gave me the tools to change my life ever. From my family and me THANK YOU!!!

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