I cannot express how proud I am of  Bobby.  This guy worked 60-70 hours per week and still went through his transformation with flying colors.  He followed everything I had laid out for him, changed his lifestyle and worked his tail off.  He is such a positive influence on those around him most importantly his amazing 5 year old boy Ty.  You may remember Hot Bikini Mom Brandi, one of Hitch Fit’s Top Transformation of the Year that is Bobby’s Wife, and now the whole family is Hitch Fit!!!!  It was a pleasure working with Bobby and I expect nothing but success for him in the future.  Here is his story.

My story evolved after many years of neglecting myself and always making time for my family and everyone beside me.  Like many guys, I was a dedicated athlete during my youth.  I ended my sports career playing college baseball.  The ironic part was during my sports days, I was fierce, extremely competitive, and someone that never quit.  After playing sports, I became less motivated and would find any excuse to keep me away from anything competitive and there was no way you would find me in a gym.  This lifestyle led to someone who was 225 pounds, not confident, extremely tired, and mentally/physically weak.

In January 2010, my wife and I both made a conscious decision to seek a healthier life style.  We could not take our current situation any longer as we were passing on our bad decisions to our 5 year old son.  Our bad decisions included eating out daily, almost every meal, having no energy, making excuses for our decisions, and even bragging about only grocery shopping 1 time a month.  After a lack luster attempt at searching for a new gym or personal trainer, a friend and co-worker (Gwen Merino) introduced my wife to Hitch Fit.


In January 2010, my wife contacted Micah, signed up for his personal training, and began her amazing transformation.  I was a huge supporter of my wife and it didn’t take me long to become a believer in Micah and Hitch Fit.  My wife’s transformation allowed me to see first hand how Hitch Fit works.

In June 2010, I began my transformation journey.  Like many, I was extremely scared. I wasn’t afraid of the workouts I would be facing or the diet (since I already was well versed in the program my wife just completed)…I was scared of trying to live up to the same level of accomplishment my wife had just achieved.

When I began my training with Micah, I made a decision that I would do anything he told me to do and more.  I was going to make the change for MYSELF and there would be no excuses!  I made time for my workouts and was always prepared for my daily nutrition.  I was able to fit this into my crazy schedule as a police officer.  I maintained a 60+ hour a week work schedule, the best husband and father I could be, and even coached a little league baseball team (and yes, we were undefeated!!!).  I encountered many 16 hour work days when the only time I was able to get any cardio in was at midnight.  But again, I was not going to give myself any excuses this time.  It just simply comes down to how bad you want something.


The amazing part about Micah is that he will change you from the inside out.  He will make you mentally stronger, which instills his philosophy for a lifetime of change.  This was evident in the fact that I barely even consumed any vegetables before beginning my transformation.  But then I read an article that Micah wrote which said that you need to eat to fuel your body with good foods – and not eat for the luxury of the taste.  So I knew I would have NO sympathy from Micah if I came to him and asked what else could I eat besides vegetables.  This is about trusting your trainer and his program!!!!

The second part of the mental process was ignoring all the naysayers.  I truly discovered who my real friends were during this process.  Honestly and sadly, there were very few friends that truly encouraged and supported me in this transformation (outside of my Hitch Fit friends/clients).  My line of work involves many men/women who workout – and many more that have their strong opinions on how to workout.  I have been told so many negative remarks during this process, but chose to ignore them to achieve my goal.  A bullfighter would not have a fight without a bull.  Thank you to all of those “bulls” who essentially motivated me by naysaying. I’ve heard everything from Hitch Fit is a “fad” and too expensive, I should be doing P90X, Crossfit, Dancing to the Oldies, and that I look like I have a disease because of my weight loss.  At the end of the day, I am thankful for those “motivators” because I am strong mentally, physically and have the proof to back up my healthy lifestyle.


So to anyone who is thinking about seeking that positive lifestyle, HitchFit is the place.  HitchFit provides the best mind and body transformations.  Once you make the decision to change, have a support system in place, all you have to do is follow the formula your Hitch Fit trainer gives you.  You will be pushed to levels you never thought you could reach.  So KC, when you’re ready to get in some insane shape, GET HITCHED!

So with much thanks to my awesome and very fit wife, my stud 5 year old son (who called out every imperfect plank or pushup I attempted), I could not have accomplished this transformation without your support.  Also, thank you to my good friend Ryan Alden who was also accomplishing his own transformation during the same time.  Ryan gave me some friendly competition to try to match his workouts, kept me true to the diet during the long Off-Duty season at the Royals, and inspired me to the END.  His support truly helped my transformation become reality.  Also, words cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to train with Micah and now be part of the HitchFit family.  Micah’s inspiration, commitment and constant encouragement has allowed me to regain my self-confidence and to become mentally and physically strong.  Once you step into the gym, you will see the most supportive, encouraging and best group of staff/trainers in the country.  You will not find anyone that is more positive and fierce than James – “Get it, Get it”; Stephanie will embarrass you on that “Red Hill”; and Diana will make you think someone chiseled her abs from stone.  HitchFit is by far the best place in Kansas City to train and change your life.

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