Mom of 3 sheds 28 pounds of fat with Hitch Fit Online Weight Loss Program!

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Today I’m excited to share the success story of Christen. She is a mom of 3 and her husband is in the military. At her heaviest she was 188 pounds, she took charge and was able to jump start her weight loss journey. But hit a plateau at a certain point. She was uncertain how to eat or how to train in order to move past that plateau to get to her ultimate goal! She discovered Hitch Fit on Pinterest , and decided she was ready to tackle a Lose Weight Feel Great program and push past her plateau. She worked very hard, and really discovered that she was capable of so much more than she realized!! She went from 158 pounds to 130 pounds during her 12 week transformation, and I am so proud of her!! Congrats Christen on a job well done!!

Christen’s Stats: 

Starting weight: 158

Ending weight: 130

Starting Body Fat: 29.3%

Ending Body Fat: 22%

Waist: Starting inches 36.75  - Ending Inches 30.25

Hips: Starting inches 40.5  - Ending Inches 36.75

Mom of 3 sheds 28 pounds of fat with Hitch Fit Online Weight Loss Program!

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Christen’s Story: 

“Before discovering Hitchfit, my weight loss journey had been a long and frustrating cycle of weight loss, plateau and gain. Over the years, I have tried every kind of diet out there. But, I always got the same result…..loss, plateau and gain. Even worse, with each new diet, I became more and more confused about weight loss. Do I eat carbs or not? Do I eat fat or not?  It seems each new fad diet contradicts the last one.

In September 2011, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. At that time, the youngest of my 3 children was 1 year old and I was 188lbs. The highest weight I’d ever been.  I was unhappy, tired and fed up!  I decided to take advantage of the time my husband was away to focus on losing weight.  I didn’t have to cook dinners for him, so I could diet without feeling like I was depriving him and tempting myself.  By April of 2012, I had lost 38lbs following a popular point counting program.  Then the inevitable plateau hit!  No matter how strictly I followed the plan, my weight didn’t budge and I began to get frustrated again.  My husband returned home in July 2012 and my weight was at 153lbs.  By the time he had returned to work 6 weeks later, my weight was at 158lbs.  I had celebrated his homecoming for a month and a half and gained 5 more pounds!

I had just discovered Hitchfit on Pinterest about a week before my husband’s homecoming.  In a week, I had literally read every female transformation story on and watched every video on YouTube!  I was convinced this was the program for me and I started my transformation September 3rd.

Honestly, the first few weeks were tough. The sugar detox I went through was brutal and I wanted to quit everyday.  Thank you Diana for your honesty and encouragement during my many questions those first few weeks. Thank you Lord for His grace and strength during that time.  I know I would have quit without Him. At about week 4, things began to change. I felt great.  I felt stronger. My clothes were falling off and the number on the scale was dropping every week.  I was hooked!  I look back to just 3 months ago and remember thinking “how will I ever manage to burn 1000 calories a day when I’m pooped after just 400?”!  Now I’m running 6 – 8 miles every morning before breakfast and feeling bummed that I don’t have time to go longer! I truly love my diet and exercise routine and feel so good at the end of the day.  Tired….but good!

My program has ended, but I’m not done.  I still want to get my body fat under 20%. Thankfully I have the right knowledge to get there.  For the first time in my life, I am in control of my body and I can decide how I want it to look.  I have my eye on a the bikini model program next.  I hope to be ready to start after the first of the year.

I want to thank my husband for his amazing support and patience during those first few weeks.
And, thank you Micah and Diana for all your hard work to offer such an honest and real program to all of us!  This program has truly made me better in body, mind and soul!  I sincerely pray that God would continue to bless and prosper you both in all that you do.”



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