I’m so happy to share the story of new WBFF Pro Diva Bikini Model Ali McClafferty! Ali came to Hitch Fit in January 2011 interested in doing our online competition prep to get ready for the WBFF Central US Championships which we held in May 2011 in Kansas City. She was interested in the bikini model division and was at a great starting point with her body fat at around 18%. Over the course of her transformation she had a lot of other major life events going on, including getting married! But she stuck with her training, shed the fat that she needed to look amazing on stage, and ended up placing first in the Diva Bikini tall category and winning her WBFF Pro Diva Bikini model card! With this victory Ali also landed a photo shoot with Coach JW Atherton as well as a spread and feature in Natural Muscle magazine. She recently competed in her first Pro show at the WBFF World Championships 2011 where she looked amazing! I’m thrilled to have had a hand in getting Ali her start in the industry, she has a bright future ahead!


Ali’s Story:

“Throughout my life I had always been an athlete, playing sports in high school and into college. I love working out and being in the gym, but needed something to keep that competitve drive going. This last January (2011) I had thought about wanting to do a fitness competition and started researching more about it. I knew that I was going to need a trainer to get me through this and teach me what competing is all about. I came across Diana while searching for trainers around my area (Manhattan, KS) and I was instantly inspired by her success/transformations and ready to get started. I emailed her with all of my questions and we got started training soon after. Each week I would weigh out and measure my food, train hard in the gym, and email Diana my pictures and updates at the end of the week. Having her there to hold me accountable each week really made a difference. After 16 weeks of training, I stepped on stage for the first time. It was a rush to be out there and one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was extremely nervous, never having attended a fitness competition even as a spectator, let alone a contestant. I had goals for myself to be in the top 10 for my first competition, not knowing that I would end up taking 1st overall and earning my pro card! I could not have achieved this without Diana’s guidance, training, and support. Making the decision to work with her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This whole experience has been life changing, not only in creating a future for myself in the fitness industry, but also in the knowledge I gained and amazing people I have met. I am hooked on competing now and even made my WBFF Pro debut at the World Championships in Toronto-August 27th!!”


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