After seeing one of her closest friends Heather go through a Hitch Fit Fitness Model program, Mackenna decided she was ready for a life change of her own! She was determined to get in amazing shape by her 30th birthday and look as good if not better than she did when she was 20! She wanted some beautiful abs of her own and I would say mission accomplished! Throughout her journey Mackenna not only shed 20 pounds and 10% body fat getting her to a much more fit and healthy place, she also became empowered and overcame some intimidation she had for the gym environment as well! Great job Mackenna!

Mackenna’s Stats:

Starting weight: 130.4

Ending weight: 111

Starting Body Fat: 27.6%

Ending Body Fat: 17%

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, over 20 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost female, Lose Weight Feel Great, over 20 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, over 20 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

MacKenna’s Story:

“FAT FAT FAT.  That’s all I saw when I looked in the mirror.  I was miserable.  How did I get here?  It happened gradually over the course of several years.  Because I ran competitively in college, I never had to think about what I put into my body, I would run it off.  I got my first desk job after college, and a TV with DVR (which was like magic) and it all went downhill from there…  I worked long hours with no exercise and days upon days of eating fast food. I thought I didn’t have time to go to the gym, or time to cook, yet I managed to find the time to watch all my favorite reality TV shows.  It was so gradual that I didn’t even SEE what was happening.  I KNEW I had gone up a few jean sizes, but I was in denial.  I had somehow convinced myself that it wasn’t THAT bad… It was just a few pounds… And then I went on a beach vacation with my husband.  When we got back I saw the pictures of myself in a bikini, on a big computer screen.  Look at the whale, how pretty! Wait, that’s not a whale!! Was that ME?!?!  There should be LAWS about chubby girls in bikinis in public!!! I didn’t know backs could get fat!! Look at my ARMS!!!  I have 4 chins!!  When did this happen??? My poor husband!!

This was no longer just a few pounds that could be hidden by a baggy blouse; it was time for a major overhaul.  Then there was Heather, one of my best friends.  She too was fed up with her appearance and was about half way through the hitch fit 12 week fitness model program.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I wasn’t EXACTLY supportive.  I thought she was crazy.  I could NEVER give up wine, and chocolate, and bread and pasta.  It seemed too farfetched.  Isn’t that what people do???  They complain about their current situation, but don’t want to put in the hard work to change it.  And when others make a choice to change their lives, we judge.  Was that my JEALOUSY coming out?  Then I saw her for the first time in a month… HOLY ABS!!!  I want abs too!!!  What was that website again? Heather Says Hitch Fit  I started sifting through the “Before and Afters” looking at the pictures and reading peoples’ stories.  These were real people just like me.  When I saw Brandi’s pictures, that was it.  Where do I sign?  No, seriously though, I wanted to lose weight and be fit, but I wasn’t so sure about the fitness model program.

I signed up for the 12 week “lose weight, feel great” program; it seemed like a better fit for me.  When I started the program, my goals were simple.  Number 1 – my friend Stephanie said it best: “I want to be able to walk into a store, and look at a shirt I like and buy it.  I don’t want to have to analyze the style/ cut/ fit to make sure it won’t hug the wrong places.”  Number 2 – with my 30th birthday rapidly approaching, I wanted to look like I did when I was 20.  Number 3 – Fit back into my favorite pair of college jeans.  A huge hurdle I had to overcome was my fear of the gym.  I had never really lifted a dumbbell in my life.  Every gym I had ever been to was what I liked to call “Beautiful People Land”, a meat market with tall blonde skinny girls on the treadmill in full make up, platform heels and “club” attire (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little).  But to say I felt inadequate is an understatement.  I am more of a frumpy sweats and “bed head” kind of girl.   I was pretty sure when I walked in that first day everyone would stop what they were doing and point and laugh at me.  Couldn’t I just jiggle and sweat in the privacy of my own home???  1 week into my program, Heather’s “after” pictures were posted and once I saw them, there was no turning back for me.  I printed a huge picture of myself in a bikini circa age 23 on my fridge.   I cut out ALL of the excuses.  I gave up a few TV shows, made the gym fit into my schedule, and I had marathon cooking sessions on the weekend.  As the weeks went on, as my clothes started to fit a little looser, my confidence at the gym increased.  People told me I was crazy.  “Why are you on a diet?  Where do you even have weight to lose?” Some people were even mean.  One person said to me “Well, if all I ate were bell peppers all day, then I could look like you too!”  Karma for making fun of Heather I suppose… I don’t know, but 12 weeks later and 20 pounds lighter I cannot believe I didn’t do this sooner.  I feel like a new human, inside and out.  My confidence is through the roof, I FEEL better, like a huge weight has been lifted (literally and figuratively).  I think my doing hitch fit was a result of a perfect storm.  It was a combination of seeing my beached whale pictures, seeing Heather’s results, and finally making up my mind to change my life for the better. ”

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