I’m happy to share today’s transformation, Misty, with you! This determined mom of 2 set a goal for herself to get in the best shape of her life. She’s got a busy life and schedule, but found that with determination she was able to make it happen for herself! Misty wanted to go from good condition to GREAT condition, which is exactly what she achieved throughout her transformation. Congratulations Misty on an amazing job!!

Misty’s Stats:

Starting Weight: 125.2

Starting Body Fat: 20.1%

Ending Weight: 120.2

Ending Body Fat: 14.6%

Misty’s Story:

“My transformation is not as gigantic as some of the other athletes who took on this challenge.  None the less, I set a goal like Micah states in his book, pushed hard, held myself accountable, and even with a little speculation in the beginning…I reached it!

My entire life I had been involved with sports, with my dad as my coach, was pushed to do my best.  I can definitely say that he passed his competitive nature to me.  I was also a gymnast for many years, and was fortunate to have a lean body type.  I was able to eat whatever, whenever, with very little consequences.  Yes, I do know now how blessed I was to have been given these traits but growing up I was tormented with the negative self image I had of my body.  I wanted to look like my “normal” friends, not the “skinny” girl.  As a young girl it is so hard to be asked questions about your body…why are you so skinny?…do you eat?…are you anorexic?  I even had a nick name from some of the 6th grade boys…BOB, for bag- of-bones.  I don’t know what it’s like to be considered overweight, but I know the feeling of just wanting to be seen as “normal”.

For the last several years I have had the yearning to work on my body, to be more physically fit.  Yes, the sports stopped, I’ve had 2 awesome kids, and even a skinny girls body changes!!  It was time, I was ready, what I didn’t know was the mental satisfaction that would come along with this!  I was introduced to Brandi Wisdom by a co worker to have family photos done, and here we are a couple of years later…she is inspiring and motivating me to get a hold of my life and go for the challenge!  I had the motivation and a gym membership, but lacked the education and guidance.  I had the opportunity to work along side a great personal trainer, but had to let go due to finances.  This led me to Micah, Diana, and the Hitch Fit On Line Training!  I can honestly say, I can’t remember the last time I had set a goal for MYSELF.  I had been so busy enjoying the life of a mom, wife, employee and friend, I lost ME.  I was skeptical at first, because I was afraid to lose too much weight.  I wanted muscle…a toned body.  This was important to me, and Diana reassured me several times that she had me covered.  She was right…the formula worked!  I lost a little, and gained muscle weight! YAHOO!!!!  I’ve had several people asked me WHY?   Why are you doing this?  I say….why not?  Why not make your health and physical fitness a priority?  Thank you thank you thank you Micah and Diana for offering this amazing gift.  Thank you for sharing all of the transformation stories to motivate every day!  I will take all that I have learned to continue living healthy, and loving ME.”


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