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Today I have an awesome transformation to share! Sharon is a Hitch Fit Online Personal Training client who lives in Sydney Australia. She had a goal of looking like a fitness model, her starting body fat was 28.5% and she weighed in at 148.5 lbs, so she decided to commit to our 16 Week Online Fitness Model Program. Throughout the course of her program, Sharon emailed me regularly, she kept me up to speed on her progress and her challenges, she sent me updated pictures and I could see very obviously that she was staying on her course as remarkable changes were happening to her body! At the end of her journey, Sharon cut her body fat in half and is now a lean 14% and weighing 124.3 lbs for a total scale loss of 23.8! All I could say when I saw her final pix was “Wow!” and I think you will agree! Congratulations Sharon on an amazing job!! Super proud of your hard work!

Before and After Weight Loss Photos - Fitness Model Plan - Sharon

Fitness Model Plan - Before and After Weight Loss - Sharon

Before and After Weight Loss Pictures - Back Images - Sharon from Australia

Sharon’s Story:

“I’ve always been a person who exercises.  I aim to go to the gym at least 6 days of the week and I try and eat as best I can.  I guess you could say I am not new to the whole training and eating clean lifestyle.  I think the reasons why I was so drawn to the Hitch fit fitness model program and eating plan was because I needed guidance, structure and mentoring on all the aspects that are required to transform my body.  I’ve always been a fan of Diana Choloux and would see her spreads and articles in fitness magazines but was never aware, until more recently that she would be able to devise a structured and tailed workout and eating plan that would inspire and guide me to  take my body to a whole new level.

Since commencing the Fitness Model program I’ve dropped from 28.5% body fat to an all new record of 14% body fat.  That’s the absolute lowest I have ever been.  I’ve always wondered about competing and wether or not I could get my body lean and toned enough to get on stage and completing this 16 week program has been more than enough proof to show that I can compete and attain a body that is stage ready.

I am a full time university student.  I cram all my subjects into one day and for every other day of the week I am at work.  I work in a clothes shop  as a store manager.  My time is limited and being on Hitch kept me busier than ever imaginable.  The payoffs are worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

There are so many things I can take away from my experience with the Hitch Fit system and that is that if are willing to stay consistent and devoted then you will be astounded by the transformation your body will make.  Further to this, I have now adopted a better approach to eating.  I know eat organic where possible and opt for supplements I never would have thought would have been beneficial in complimenting vigorous training.  Some supplements that I now keep in my pantry include spirulina, chlorella, bcaa’s, glutamine and a quality protein.  As well as drinking lots of water each day, I believe these additions to my diet helped fuel my body with essential vitamins and minerals that helped my body endure strenuous workouts.

In my last month of training I was looking noticeable more athletic and toned.  Not only could I see what a difference my body had made but others around me noticed too.  I think I now receive more compliments about how great I look that I’m starting to get tired of hearing it.  People now ask me for guidance and this is a great sense of satisfaction for me.  I love that I can share my Hitch fit experience with others and inspire others to live a healthier life.”

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