female, Lose Weight Feel Great, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

I Love working with clients who live across the world from our humble abode here in Kansas City, so when Amber, who was stationed in Germany with her husband, decided she was ready to start her Hitch Fit transformation I was thrilled! One of the things that I felt would inspire a lot of people about Amber was the fact that she had so many trips planned during the time period she was going through transformation, a lot of people use travel and vacations as an excuse to throw their fitness goals to the wind and gain back anything that they’ve lost, but not Amber! Even on a trip to Ireland, she made great choices stayed active and didn’t lose ground. Upon completing her 12 Week Lose Weight Feel Great program Amber went from 136 pounds to 118 and dropped body fat down to 18%! Congrats Amber on a job well done!

Amber’s Stats:

Starting Weight: 136

Ending Weight: 118

Starting Body Fat: 24%

Ending Body Fat: 18%

 female, Lose Weight Feel Great, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost


Amber’s Story: 

“I spent 6 years in the United States Army doing mandatory exercise or PT (physical training) as we called it. And I hated every second of it. However, I understood the importance of being fit while I wore the uniform. And at that time, I was definitely in good shape. With that being said, I can honestly say that after completing my 12-week Hitchfit program, I am NOW in the best shape of my life. Even more importantly, I now truly enjoy exercising and actually look forward to going to the gym!! A far cry from how I used to feel about working out.

After I got out of the Army in 2010 I became lazy. There is no sugar coating that. I was lazy. And I pretty much stopped exercising all together. I very quickly began to gain weight and jumped from my standard 132lb Army weight to about 145lbs. Then at the end of 2010 I met and fell in love with an Army guy who was stationed in Germany. And in 2011 we were engaged and married! So, I moved to Germany! And not only did I stay lazy, but I also started drinking more alcohol (all that German beer!) and eating terrible food. I came to the point where none of my clothes fit me anymore, and I was in a complete depression. So, in January of this year I decided to do something about it!! I started dieting and exercising on my own. I lost some weight upfront, but I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I quickly realized I was going to need some help! And that is where Hitchfit came into my life. And then transformed my life!

I began my Hitchfit program at the end of February, and I initially had my doubts. My husband and I had already made several plans to travel around Europe, and I was thinking I wasn’t going to be able to complete my program AND still enjoy traveling. But as it turns out, I was very wrong.  We went to Ireland for 10 days in April. And I had an AMAZING time. Did I have to say no to the famous Irish breakfasts? Yes. But I was still able to enjoy the beautiful country and see everything I wanted to see! I packed all kinds of healthy food in my bag to take with me in order to maintain my eating schedule. And when we did eat out at restaurants, I tried to stick to a lean meat of some sort and either veggies or a salad. It wasn’t easy, but it was very doable! I also went for a 30 minute run on most mornings, which was another great way to enjoy the beautiful Irish countryside! When we returned to Germany from Ireland I weighed myself. And I had still managed to lose 1 ½ pounds even though I was on vacation! Most importantly, I was still able to enjoy every moment of it!

Point being is that if you want it badly enough, there is nothing that can really stop you. I have had to do without all the fattening food and alcohol. But I can also now fit into size 4 jeans, which is an incredible feeling. And I still have one Europe trip left! My husband and I are going to Greece, and I will get to put on a bikini and feel confident, which is something I have NEVER been able to do.

Hitchfit has changed my life. And I have Diana to thank for that. It became about so much more than losing weight for me. It became about building confidence and being proud of who I am. It has also changed my life because I now want to become a personal trainer, which I have already signed up to go to school for starting in August. I want to help other people have this same feeling I am feeling now! Thank you Hitchfit, especially Diana! Your steadfast support and encouragement through email has been an inspiration to me! And I can only hope that my story and transformation will help convince others to change their lives too!”


Amber’s Program Choice- Lose Weight Feel Great

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