I always love sharing stories of mother’s who decide to get back to a body that they love and feel confident and energetic in. The journey is always so inspiring! That is why I’m thrilled to share Darby’s story with you today!! She’s a busy mom who decided to commit to an online Hitch Fit training program, and as a result achieved a hot bikini model body!! She started at 149 pounds and 24% body fat, she wasn’t too over weight or anything like that, but she just wasn’t happy with where she was at, wanted to be leaner and really push herself, so she went for the 12 Week Fitness Model program. She surpassed her goal of achieving 18% body fat and ended at a lean 17% and 135 pounds! Incredibly proud of her hard work and she will inspire you! Congrats Darby!      -Darby

Darby’s Stats:

Beginning weight: 149

Ending weight: 135

Beginning Body Fat: 24%

Ending Body Fat: 17%


Darby’s Story:

“My aha moment occurred when a co- worker printed out my horoscope for me.  It was all out of fun but when I read it, it hit me… “Get rid of the things in your life that no longer serve you.”

And that is when it all started. From quitting drinking and smoking to signing up with HitchFit and committing to this change.  A huge snowball effect was created in my life and it was time to clean house!  A dream I have had for many years began to resurface.   I had been looking in the mirror long enough saying, “Wow, you have so much potential, if only ____” (fill in the blank).  I would twist and turn trying to see myself  at the perfect angle to eliminate the view that I wasn’t happy with.  I would read my Oxygen magazine and think “I think I could do that…” so why wasn’t I doing anything about it?

I spoke with my husband, Adam, about finally wanting to commit to this 3 month program with Diana.  I was nervous that he would be apprehensive given the time commitment  it would require for our family.  We both work full time and have 2 little ones (age 7 and 2).  To my surprise his response was “Go for it!”  He was there to back me the entire way!  I learned to not be afraid to ask for help from someone and that most people want to see you achieve your dreams.  I would normally feel like I was burdening him by asking for this kind of support- not the case!

I signed up with HitchFit and made a commitment that I knew would change my life.  I read the testimonials and noticed there were many people who had crazy busy lives like us, work, family, etc…and they were working for their dreams too!  Now I really had NO excuses!

I sent my before pictures and measurements (oddly, this was one of the hardest things to do, requiring me to take an honest look at myself).  Diana sent me my program and what was expected of me for the next 12 weeks.  Now I was accountable to myself, my family, and Diana – No Turning Back!  I organized my program and started scheduling my life.

It wasn’t uncommon to see me at the gym at 7 p.m. and then again at 5 the next morning.   I would think to myself “I’m that girl right now”.  I would want to hi-five everyone in there at 5 am!  It’s like I was proud of all of us just for showing up!  Of course, they were all strangers so I kept all this excitement to myself.  I fit in my workouts and cardio any way I could; after working 12 hours, before the kids went to school, a random 20 minute run just because I could get it in right then.  I don’t have any cardio equipment at home so I had to get pretty creative.  With my time being limited, I really had to make it count when I was in the gym, so I worked as hard as I could and stayed focused, “Right now it’s time to workout, worry about everything else later.”

The weeks pressed on.  I started noticing changes and so did Adam.  My favorite quote is, “Babe, your legs definitely have less dimples…”  Others didn’t notice as much but were curious about my giant bag of Tupperware, the many times I ate in a day and wondered why the heck I was going to the gym after working long days!  Those who knew that I was doing this program were starting to complement me on my dedication and perseverance.  It’s hard though, to hold yourself accountable.  For me, I had no problem getting to the gym but keeping my diet clean was rough.  When you have kids in the house and their snacks, it’s tempting.  Anytime I went off course, I would stop in that moment and ask, “How is this serving a purpose for you?”  “What do you really need right now?”  Usually it was a nap or a shower instead of that high sugar snack…  Diana helped so much with this too.  I would get down on myself, feeling like II was failing at this and she would pep talk the Negative Nancy right out of me!  She believed in me and that is what I needed!

I was getting stronger, leaner and had more endurance than I ever knew I would.  It’s now fun for me to run 7 miles before the sun rises!  I learned how much of a science nutrition is and how much control we can really have over what we fuel our bodies with.  I also learned how easy it is to be emotionally addicted to foods that don’t serve a nutritional purpose for us.  This has been a great challenge for me to overcome.  I am now gaining freedom from things that have been dictating my life choices.

I have reached the end of this 12 week transformation but my journey continues!  I have set new goals for myself and my family.  I’m excited to see where this continued journey will take us!

Side notes:

*A good playlist makes a big difference.

*Your kids are watching when you think they aren’t.  “Mom, put the cookie down and have some jello instead.” – Jaron, age 7.

*Reward your accomplishments with a great workout outfit.  It makes a difference to feel good in workout clothes because you’re in them so much!

*Patient at work; “Oh honey, I’m gonna need someone much stronger to help me.” Me; “Don’t worry, I’m much stronger than it appears”  :)

*People are watching when you think they aren’t.  Your actions are creating inspiration.”



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