33 Year Old Mom of 2 Sheds 14% Body Fat in 12 Weeks with Hitch Fit!

I’m incredibly proud to share my client Carly’s awesome transformation pictures and story with you. Carly is 33 and a devoted wife and mother to two adorable little girls! She led an active lifestyle, but had reached a point where she wasn’t seeing the changes in her body that she wanted. What I loved most about her was her 100% attitude, she came into Hitch Fit READY for change, and willing to do what it took to achieve her goals. She busted her booty every time she stepped through the gym doors, and every time she worked out on her own, and she completely revamped her eating and made no excuses about the choices that she made. She’s a busy mom, and her transformation was going on even over the course of the Thanksgiving holidays, but she stayed on track and her efforts paid off. Carly actually surpassed our original goal of dropping 10% body fat, and ended up shedding 14% over the course of her 12 week transformation. She has INSANE abs, I actually would frequently make her show the other trainers and people working out at the gym to motivate them! Super proud of your hard work Carly, you are a Rock Star!!

Carly’s Stats:
Starting Body Fat: 24.5%
Ending Body Fat: 10.4%
Starting Weight: 119.2
Ending Weight: 102.4

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Carly’s Story:

“My journey begins with Hitch Fit back in August 2010 when I exchanged emails with Diana after researching their website and training programs. The reason I reached out to her was because upon returning from our family vacation in May and my 33rd birthday in June, I noticed that I had gained about 7 lbs. I was working out, doing cardio and weights but something was missing. I also didn’t want to personally be 6-8 months down the road and 20 lbs. heavier than I should because I had decided to accept the fact that after two kids and age it was bound to happen. That’s why I wanted to get in control of my life and health before I got to that point in my life. I wanted to take the bull by the horns and get it done!!

Check out Carly’s Testimonial video and a sneak peek at her “after” photo shoot!


The bull by the horns began on September 28th and for 12 weeks I kept myself dedicated to the strength training, nutrition plan and cardio. As I began my drive to the Hitch Fit gym I was anxious and nervous but really excited of what was to come. I personally didn’t know how I was going to handle the nutritional plan, the strength training and the cardio. The eating I wasn’t sure about but after being on the plan just a few days I felt that I was on the way to a healthier mind, body and soul. The eating actually was easier to adapt to than I thought. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t eating small, frequent enough meals that incorporated protein in every meal. Just like every other person out there it was embedded in me since I could remember you just need to eat 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). My initial thought about the small frequent meals were it makes since because we feed our babies every 2-3 hours so, why do we fail as adults to follow the same process? I honestly didn’t miss much of the foods that I had to curtail during the 12 weeks, in my mind it was mind over matter. I also felt happier, healthier and leaner just after eating clean the first few days, so I knew this plan was for me. I did keep my goals fairly attainable because once you hit each of them the more change that comes is just icing on the cake!! Oh did I mention that one of the meals that I loved was rice cakes with peanut butter, yum! I do have to admit when I looked ahead on the cardio I thought to myself how will I be able to run for 45 or 60 minutes? When that time came I would take a moment the night before and pray for focus, strength and energy to get thru the cardio the next morning. Sure enough the next morning I would have all three requests right with me and away I would go on cardio, finishing with no problem.

The changes I was seeing physically and mentally made me want to keep working harder and harder guaranteeing results each week. I looked forward to going down to train with Diana each Tuesday and Thursday because the strength training workouts were crucial to getting me where I am today, along with the proper nutrition. I did joke with Diana about how I picked the hardest time of the year to get this done because right around the corner was Thanksgiving and then Christmas. She reassured me that Thanksgiving has healthy clean foods and to enjoy myself on that day and get back on the nutritional plan the very next day.

A couple of weeks later we took a weekend trip out of town and I made sure I stuck with the plan. I prepared my meals I wanted to take ahead of time and verified with the hotel they had a fitness center. We did visit a restaurant while on the trip but I made sure that I chose the best option on the menu.

The great thing about this whole process is along the way you have this cheerleader in Diana. She is cheering you on because she doesn’t just see you from day 1 of your transformation, she sees the potential and where you will be on your last day when you become a “rock star.” Diana was always available to answer any questions regarding nutrition, strength training or cardio. She also took the time to see how I was adapting to the nutrition plan. If I mentioned that I was getting hungry sooner than my next meal she would say, “add a protein shake.”

The 12 and 16 week programs truly do work as long as you are willing to commit yourself to a lifetime and lifestyle of change. For us moms’ it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life so I challenge you moms’ out there to start the New Year off and get active again so you too can be happy and energized for your family.”

If you live in Kansas City check out www.HitchFitGym.com for information on one on one personal training. If you are ready to change your body and your life with Hitch Fit, and don’t live locally, or would prefer the online program, click the link above to start your transformation today. By this time next year YOU could be on the Hitch Fit Wall of Fame!