Mom of 2 with Full time Job Does Amazing

I’m so proud to share today’s transformation, Andee, with you! Andee is a mother of two with a full time career who decided to put her health and fitness as a top priority not just for herself, but for the sake of her family when she discovered that she had high cholesterol. Over the course of her 12 week online training transformation Andee took charge of her choices and had not only an outer transformation, but an inner one too! On the scale she went from 131 to 111 lbs, she dropped her body fat by 12%, she improved her running times and placed in a 5k and to top it all off she lowered her cholesterol by 63 points!! She is an amazing inspiration to moms everywhere!! Congratulations Andee!

Andee’s Stats:

Beginning Weight: 131

Ending Weight: 111

Beginning Body Fat: 26%

Ending Body Fat: 14%

Cholesterol down 63 points

“I am the typical wife and mom of 2 children with a full-time career.  Time is something I always need more of but about 3 months ago, I realized I needed to dedicate some time to myself.  My babies were 3 ½ years and 6 months and I was ready to get back to myself, for them and for me.  Also around this time, I came home to a note from my doctor about my poor cholesterol results.  That did it for me.   A couple days later, I signed up for Hitch Fit.

I had heard about Hitch Fit and their transformations a few times prior to signing up.  I remember thinking to myself that I wished I could work with a trainer a few times a week and look like the pictures of people I was seeing.  I knew that wouldn’t work for me at the time, however, with two small kids, an injured husband, a full-time job and no family in town to help.  Where would I get the time to go to the gym and work out?  Then I started to see several people that I actually knew go through the online program.  There were moms just like me making it work so why couldn’t I?  Yes, we made some adjustments to our schedule but I made sure it did not greatly affect time with my family.  The online program allowed me to work out on my schedule, when it was most convenient for my family and most of the time at home.  I worked out almost every morning, during my lunch breaks, during nap time on the weekends and in the evenings after my kids went to bed.  I made the time and nothing and no one suffered.  I actually was able to accomplish more because I had so much more energy.

Sometimes it was rough—the eating with summer barbeques, vacations, etc. but I packed my food or brought something with me that I knew I could eat and it got easier.  Actually, the food was a lot at first.  I struggled to eat it all for a few weeks.  I thought I ate somewhat healthy before but through the program I learned a lot about when and what to eat to fuel my body.  I loved the cardio and strength training.  I’m not new to working out but always lacked variety so I’d lose interest.  During the program I was given that variety.

I enjoyed my journey as each week I felt better and looked better.  I was getting my body back.  I’ve always been a small person but my body had changed.  I wanted to be able to wear whatever I wanted and feel good about it.  Also, I realized it really was true that you have more energy when you eat right and exercise regularly.  I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get up and workout at 530 in the morning but I did and still do and I’m not tired.

I surpassed my weight goal by a few pounds, met my body fat goal, went down 2 sizes in clothes, placed in a 5k and lowered my cholesterol by 63 points.  My future goals are to maintain my current weight, keep gaining muscle and lower my body fat percentage a few more points.  Hitch Fit is just what I needed:   accountability and a plan—someone to tell me exactly what I needed to do and how to get where I wanted to be.  All aspects of this program have grown to become part of my life and I feel confident in what I have learned to continue to reach my goals.

Thank you Diana for putting together this great program for me, encouraging me and answering my emails so quickly!  And thank you to my husband who completely supported me throughout the process.”



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