What an Amazing Story Rachel has.  I am so proud of her hard work in 12 weeks she got in the best shape of her life and most importantly learned a lifestyle that her whole family will be apart of!!

Day 1 – She weighed 139lbs, Had 41″ hips, 30″ Belly and 29% Bodyfat

12 weeks Later – She weighs 124.6 lbs, 34″ hips, 26″ Belly and 17% bodyfat


female, Couples Bootcamp, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

weight loss

Looking back at what led me to Hitch Fit I have to rewind several years. My husband and I have been married for 7 years now. When we got married we knew that my siblings and their spouses had all struggled with infertility related issues so we wasted no time trying for a family of our own

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About 2-3 years into trying with no luck we decided it was time to seek help. In the 4-5 subsequent years we have been through almost everything. I had multiple failed fertility treatments, 2 abdominal surgeries, and then by some miracle I became pregnant with my son. It was a normal pregnancy but due the fact I had such a hard time getting pregnant my doctor suggested I take it easy during my pregnancy which turned into about 40+ lbs gained in those 40 weeks. I lost most of the weight fairly quick but my body was different. I had been a runner prior to my pregnancy. I ran a marathon and 1/2 marathons, in fact, just a few months after my son was born via c-section I ran the KC 1/2 marathon to get back in shape. At that time I still carried a few extra pounds but wasn’t too concerned about not losing those pounds as time when on.

female, Couples Bootcamp, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

Un-expectantly a few months later I became pregnant again. Around 10 weeks I lost that pregnancy. I was devastated to say the least. My physician recommended trying again on our own and as luck would have it a few months later I was pregnant again. 6 weeks in, I lost that pregnancy as well. I was thrown into a tail spin needless to say. While not being able to get pregnant was tough, losing a pregnancy is a torture of it’s own. We were now back into the monthly fertility treatments, invasive ultrasounds, another abdominal surgery and doing things in a doctors office, with the aide of ultrasounds, catheters, needles, etc… that most people would only think about doing in the privacy of their home.

female, Couples Bootcamp, under 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost

We had finished up another failed cycle and in February 2012 my husband came home talking about a high school friend of his who had gone through transformation with this program called Hitch Fit. We started looking at her pictures and all the other pictures online and I was shocked. Many of these people had more children than we did, worked more hours then I did, and still found time to transform their bodies and lives.

We were on schedule to do another fertility cycle in March and I told my husband that was it for me; 12 weeks from that point, my life would be changed. Either I would be pregnant and out of the “high risk” period or I would have transformed with Hitch Fit.

There is such a mixed back of emotions with this, because while the cycle was unsuccessful, I have had the opportunity to transform my life with Hitch Fit, becoming a much better version of myself and for that I am forever grateful. Anyone who has struggled to have or expand their family would tell you it is a very lonely and helpless place to be. You have no control of your life and you become consumed by blood draws, ultrasounds, injections, and doctors appointments. I wasn’t giving my son or husband 100% or any where close to it. Something had to change. Hitch Fit was really a way to start taking control of my life again.

To anyone out there thinking about signing up I would say this, you have to be 100% ready. This is no joke. It is not a magic pill. It is a lot of hard work day in and day out but it is worth it. It is the hardest thing I have ever done exercise and diet wise but also the easiest. I pushed myself to levels I never thought possible but at the same time, it was all laid out for me; exactly what to do. There is no guessing if you are doing it right or eating the right thing. Micah tells you step by step what to do.

There is so much support out there while you are going through transformation and even after from Micah and the entire online family. Utilize these resources!  If you stick to it, this program and lifestyle works, plain and simple. I have tried a number of things in the past, eating right, exercise, but Micah has this thing figured out. His diet and exercise plan are unbelievable. You can’t do one without the other and expect results these results. I feel like I have my life back and in the best shape of my life. For this, and so much more thank you Micah and thank you Hitch Fit family.

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