Never in the History of Hitch Fit has a couple accomplished these kind of Numbers in 4 months.  This is INSANE.   This Transformation happens to be the BEST COUPLES Transformation I have been apart of. Eddie and Julie a Texas Couple both in their Mid 40’s Lost 100lbs, close to 60 inches and almost 30% Bodyfat Dropped.  That is Simply AMAZING.  Yes all this was done Online, I never met them in person but hope to one day shake both of their hands and give them a hug for their amazing work!!!

Married Couple Loses 100lbs


Julie lost over 40 lbs of FAT, Lost 29 1/4 Inches off her body and 17% Bodyfat Loss!!!
Body fat: 21% : 33.1 lbs. Starting body fat: 38.23%


Neck – 13.5″ start, 12.5″ end : -1
Chest – 41″ start, 35″ end : -6″
Waist – 33.5″ start, 27″ end : -7.5″
Hips – 45″ start, 37″ end : -8″
Thighs – 25″ start, 21.25″ end : -3.75″
Calves – 16.5″ start, 15″ end : -1.5
Biceps – 13.5″ start, 12″ end : -1.5″



Eddie Lost 60lbs which is the highest total weight loss in a 16 week period of anyone ever to go through Hitch Fit, He lost 31 total Inches off his Body and over 12% Bodyfat.


Neck : 15 3/4″ end, 18″ start : -2 3/4″
Chest : 44 1/2″ end, 50″ start : -5 1/2″
Waist : 41 3/4″ end, 52″ start : -10 1/4″
Hips : 40 3/4″ end, 46 1/2″ start : -5 3/4″
Thighs : 23 1/2″ end, 27″ start : -3 1/2″
Calves : 17″ end, 17 1/2″ start : -1/2″
Biceps : 15 1/4 end, 17″ start : -1 3/4″


16 weeks ago we began a new journey by starting our HitchFit couples bootcamp. We had finally reached a point in our lives where we could no longer do it on our own. My wife Julie had always been a healthy and fit person but 4 kids and years of putting her family first caused her fitness to suffer.  I have always had trouble with my weight my entire life. Every pound I would gain depressed me and caused me to seek comfort in food, which led to more weight. It’s a horrible cycle that too many people know too well.

We had spent 10 years in the gym trying to get in shape, trying every new program or fad that came along. We knew how to work out, or at least we thought we did. We knew that we had to eat better but spent years trying to out-cardio a bad diet to no success. Yet like most people we see at the gym every day, we were doing the same thing over and over never making any progress.
I had always thought that even though I was overweight I was still healthy because I went to the gym.  Then one day I participated in a health screening at work and was subsequently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Now I had to face the fact that my lifestyle was killing me. I went through all the stages of grief and finally had do something about it. I started eating better and tried to exercise more and made a little progress. In 10 months I had lost 20 lbs and my doctor was very proud but I wasn’t making the progress I needed to. I had finally realized that I needed help!  In January I looked at a few online training sites and started feeling hopeful.
Then I found Micah and Diana! I was so impressed with the results that they had made with their clients that I told Julie she had to check it out. She was really impressed but still skeptical. How could an online trainer be better than one you see in person? Then again we were too familiar with the trainers at the local gym. They spend a whole 30 minutes with their clients having everyone do the same thing and they never see any progress. And they’re in no better shape than their clients!

Married Couple Loses 100lbs

And then there’s Micah and Diana!  Here is a couple who practice what they preach and live the lifestyle they promote. There’s nothing phony about them. We put our trust in them and started our program. Taking our before pictures was really difficult. It was so hard not only to see them, but then to send them to someone we didn’t know!

We anxiously awaited our new workouts and upon first look thought that doesn’t look too hard. Boy were we wrong! These workouts were kicking our butts! And the meal program was not a huge surprise. Wait a minute! There’s no magic bullet? Nope! Just hard work! None of this stuff was really new to us, except for Micah!  He provided equal parts motivation and inspiration. Plus he gave us something we hadn’t had before – accountability!  I could always make excuses not to work out before, but now I had to tell him what I’d done each week. How could I tell him I didn’t t feel like working out or eating right? It was motivation for both of us to try even harder every day. And the encouragement we got from them each week was so helpful!

After only 5 weeks I had lost enough weight that my doctor took me off my diabetes medication!  He told me to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing and gave me a pat on the back. He said he gets at least 3 new cases of diabetes each week and that seeing somebody make the progress I had made was extremely rare. I can’t wait to see him again in 4 months!

Together we started to see changes in each other – both physically and emotionally. After 26 years of marriage we are in better shape than we’ve ever been. We have a totally new outlook on life and are loving every day. We have changed the way we look at food and are excited to be more active and do stuff we would never have imagined doing.

During our transformation, we both experienced hard times where either we didn’t see the progress we expected or just got discouraged.  The temptations are still there and every day we are dealing with the issues that led us to get where we were.  But with Micah’s help we have been able to get through them. He has been just what we needed to keep going.  Even though our transformation is technically over, we are going to keep going to get even leaner. Now we have the tools to reach any goal we set our minds to.

As we changed our bodies, it was sometimes hard to see it in the mirror. But the scale, tape measures and cameras don’t lie. Then other people started telling us what a difference they saw in us. When others notice the change it makes you feel so good. People told us we were “an inspiration”! That was a total shock! And the farther we go, the more we want to share how we got here!  Even the trainers at the gym have tried to sneak peeks at our workouts to see what we are doing that has worked so well. We tell everyone to go to HitchFit!

We found the key to our success was wanting to change, and be willing to do whatever it takes. That’s the real secret. Commitment!  Micah and Diana are living examples, and the bonus is that they are willing the share their experience and knowledge with anyone willing to do what it takes. They encourage you, and push you to succeed even if they’re not right there with you saying … One more rep! (but yet we still hear it!)

Thank you Micah and Diana! We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us. We will be eternally grateful!

Married Couple Loses 100lbs