My name is Dana Wagner age 36 and I reside in Atlanta, Ga.  I am a personal trainer of 5 years now and love every minute of it. I  recently gained fitness model status as I just competed in the WBFF Central U.S. Championships in may of 2011. I was very skinny and small as a kid growing up and all the way through school. i was very active and still am to the present day. I remember in high school I always looked through fitness magazines at the various bodybuilders in them and I would always say i want to be in these magazines and look like these guys. I have three younger brothers and being the oldest I was the big brother that they looked up to, so i wanted to at least look the part somewhat.  Even though i wanted to be like the guys in the magazines i knew it would take some time to get to that point and also hard work would definetly be a key role in my goal. I wasnt into fitness much  before high school but they introduced a new class to the school year called weight training. I said to myself this class will be an easy A for the year and how hard could it be?

Well to my surprise what i thought was going to be an easy class actually gave me the motivation i was looking for. I realized as the weeks went by i felt my body changing, as well as feeling different. I could see changes i didn’t see before.  This was the start of my journey. I began reading more magazines and looking at differnet exercise routines to give me an outline on how to build my physique. I started seeing a little progress and was happy. Then i graduated school and things changed. I reached a point where I stopped training and focused on working and making money.

In 1996, I got married and found I had little time to continue and I lost touch with  my goal of being in the magazines and having a great physique.  Above all and most important I let myself down.  In 2003 things changed for me dramatically. After being married 7 years that came to an end, and it was the hardest thing i had ever had to deal with. I was hurt and depressed and had so much anger and stress built up I  had to explode but rather than let everything get the best of me,  I used this to my advantage and made it my motivation factor I was missing to rebuild my life. This was my chance to challenge myself  to the original goal i set out to do. I had started training again using the anger and all the built up emotions and feeling I was having to fuel my quest in being in the magazines and creating the body I was wanting. I found myself training very intense and nonstop. In 2008 I got my personal training certification and began training others that wanted to improve their lives and live a healthier lifestyle and get fit all at the same time.

While working for Gold’s Gym I had the opportunity to be selected as one of the personal trainers to participate in the Mens Fitness magazine fat to fit challenge ( It was very rewarding  to me to the point that i am having a chance to make a difference in someones life in a magazine, plus get a little exposure for myself. I do my personal training independently now and have been for the last 6 months. I knew i was on my way to  reaching  my goals.  I still wanted more. I had already proven to be a great trainer and inspiration to others. Then I decided to take it to the next level,  after being told by friends, family, and fellow trainers to consider doing some fitness shows. I decided to do some web browsing and find out some information on them. In doing so i found Micah and Hitchfit. I began asking questions  and following him on youtube as well facebook. After seeing what he had overcome and now a pro fitness model I knew he was the guy to get me to the next level in my condition to do what iI wanted. At first i thought I am a trainer I shouldn’t need a trainer  to train a trainer. Since never competing in shows before I gave him my trust to get me where I needed to be. As a result I am glad I did. he Provided me with the training and support I needed. He was there every step of the way and answered all the questions i had. I sent weekely pictures of the progress I was making and daily and weekly contacts. As the training went on it proceeded to get very intense and difficult at times but what i wanted for myself was what kept me pushing through the sometimes awful pain I endured.  As the show approached first weeks, then days away, my body was making so many changes that I never thought it was capable of doing. It amazed me so much that I couldn’t  believe all my hard work and determination was about to change my life forever. I grew nervous as the show grew just hours away.

Hitch Fit Clients Dana and Dwayne Talk About Hitch Fit and Wbff


I remember hearing Micah speaking at the athletes meeting we had the night before the show. He said guys i know all of you are nervous but let that feeling fuel you and use it as motivation  and drive. That is what I did and I now i am glad I did the show and chose Micah. He’s the best. I plan on doing more shows  and using them to build off of to better myself for the next one  and so on. The WBFF really does open endless possibilities for their athletes. For those wanting the same I can say this,and that is……. the opportunities are out there and whether you decided now or later to choose them it depends on how bad do you want it? I love to inspire and motivate people and help make a difference in their lives as well.  To be the best, you have to want to be  the best, and compete with best.



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