See how Ehsan got his Swagger back by dropping 43.5 lbs of Fat and 20.21% Bodyfat

Posted on: June 9th, 2010 by Micah LaCerte 4 Comments

Ehsan Numbers
Lost 43.5lbs Of Fat
Lost over 20% Body Fat
Lost 8 3/4″ Off His Stomach

Im Very Proud of you buddy.  Through this we accomplished a great transformation and more importantly I made a great new friend!!!


When I first started working with Micah, I could hardly do a push up, and could only do about 20 body weight squats before my legs got all wobbly. Today i stand proud, being able to do more then 50 push ups in a row and stronger and leaner then i have ever been in my entire life. I came to Micah at a really all time low in my life. We had just returned home from vacationing from Forida, and i was the most depressed i have ever been. i was near 200 pounds and wearing size 38 pants and large and x large t shirts. I hated the way i looked, i slept all the time and had no energy for anything and was not motivated about life at all. Then one day it just hit me, i looked in the mirror and i was not happy about the way i looked, and i knew it was time for a change.

I joined a local gym and started working out, i looked at the way the trainers interacted with the people and i did not like it, seemed so routine and unfriendly. I see a lot of other people working out with personal trainers, and they keep doing the same boring exercises over and over again. That NEVER happens with Micah. Even after all this time i trained with him, I am constantly amazed by how he keeps coming up with new things that I’ve never seen anyone else do.

Try a few sessions with Micah and you’ll see for yourself. I could have hired any personal trainer I wanted. But i knew after the first session, I’m sticking with Micah. I was friends with Micah on facebook for a long time and would always see pictures of his transformations and was always amazed by them, i sent him a message and he responded quickly. I told him i would do whatever it took, any sacrifice big or small i would make to finally be happy. He not only became my personal trainer but also a great friend, he genuinely cares about how you are doing and what has happened in your life to get you to the point that you are and that’s why i stuck with him. I followed his diet, exercise program and fast forward today i am in the best shape of my life. Through winter, the flu, job changes, and other obstacles we pushed through it and never gave up.

During the time that you coached me, i have enjoyed the BEST HEALTH i have ever attained. As a result of your customized sessions, I enjoyed a superior level of strength, stamina and flexibility that, ultimately, made me happier, calmer, more productive and boosted my self-esteem. He clearly possesses a wealth of knowledge which he freely shares with his clients. One thing is for sure, although I got tired, I never got bored. After just a few workouts with Micah, I saw and felt immediate changes to my body and posture. I also felt more energized and confident. Ask him for his special treat – the red hill, or even better them mean green calf machine.

You had an outstanding ability to connect with people and as peope striving to be better, not just about money in your pocket. You were always open and worked hard to understand and respect me as an individual. Last but not least, you coached me with the right way to overcome my worst habits and bad fitness attitudes. You were my role model and you always embodied the wise path to progress. Most importantly, you made me laugh brother!!

Everything you taught me and all the patience and faith you showed me have kept fitness at the top of my mind. Because of you, Micah, I seek out opportunities to pursue healthy lifestyles everywhere i go and i am dedicated to making you proud of what i achieve.

Micah LaCerte


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  • Francisco

    Great job Eshan! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Chaddy Chad

    HIGH FIVE Ehsan! Nice work!! Keep at it…


    Chaddy Chad ;-)

  • Shannon

    Soo amazing and inspirational! Great work guys!!!

  • jim godwin

    Congrats eshan! With micah these transformations are seeming easy but we both know it’s anything but! I know first hand the time and dedication it took to get where you are today and I applaud all your efforts. I’m proud to be a fellow hichtfit’er! Good luck with your continued success and I’ll see you in the gym!!