Hitch Fit Rock Star Denise Sheds Over 70 Pounds and 20% Body Fat!

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Where do I begin to tell the story of my client Denise? She is one of those clients who simply and naturally became a part of the Hitch Fit family. To say that I’m proud of what Denise has accomplished over the last year of her life is an understatement. Yes, her weight loss numbers are absolutely amazing, her story is going to inspire many, many people to make positive changes in their own life. But I think what makes me the proudest is how I’ve seen Denise change, not just the physical, but how she has changed her view of what she can achieve in life. She has a smile that is contagious, she brightens up a room when she walks in, and I have no doubt that this girl can and will achieve any goal that she sets her mind to! Congrats Denise, I’m very proud of you, glad to have been a part of your journey, and can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

The Story

When Denise first stepped through the doors of Hitch Fit, I don’t know if she quite grasped the journey she was about to take. At that point in time, we did before pictures, but she didn’t want me to tell her what her scale weight or body fat were. At that point in time she weighed 200 pounds and was 42% body fat. Denise was going to be turning 30 years old within a year and determined that she wanted to be in the best shape of her life by then. So our journey began.

At that point in time, Denise was eating whatever she wanted, and the last time she had seen the scale in the 130’s was when she was in junior high school. The first thing we had to address was changing her nutrition habits completely. Over the course of the year Denise has shed 70 pounds of fat, she weighed in her final week at 128.6 pounds, and dropped her body fat by 20% so she is now at a healthy and fit 22.8%!!  Not only that, she has adopted a whole new style of healthy eating, she is constantly coming up with new interesting healthy recipes, and she is officially a RUNNER. Denise started out her program not being able to run more than a couple minutes a time, she gradually made her way up to running 5K’s, and in October 2010 she ran and successfully completed her very first 1/2 marathon here in Kansas City!!

Behind the Scenes at Denise’s “After” Photo Shoot!


Hear Denise’s inspiring story by watching the video below!


Denise’s Stats:
Starting Weight: 200
Ending Weight: 128.6
Starting Body Fat: 42%
Ending Body Fat: 22.8%
Inches Lost on Glutes – 12
Inches Lost on Waist – 10
Inches Lost on Shoulders – 9

Denise’s Story

“In July of 2009, I had just turned 29, and I knew that my 30th birthday was just around the corner.  My diet was the worst it had ever been and my weight was completely out of control.  My size 12 clothes no longer fit and my size 14 clothes were becoming too tight.  I had not weighed myself in over a year, so I did not realize that, at 5’3”, I had exceeded 200 pounds and my bodyfat had ballooned to over 40%.

I had to do something drastic, so I began searching for a personal trainer.  I needed someone who would hold me accountable and push me beyond my limits in the gym.  I was blessed that my search led me to Diana Chaloux.  During our first session, Diana asked me about my diet.  I told her that my diet consisted of literally anything and everything I wanted.  Every single morning, I would start my day at Starbucks with a large white chocolate mocha with caramel syrup and some type of pastry.  For lunch, I would go out with a friend or coworker for Chinese or Lasagna from my favorite Italian restaurant.  Then, for dinner, I would have some type of fast food – pizza, hamburgers, Mexican food… literally whatever I wanted.

Of course, Diana started with a complete overhaul of my diet.  To this day, diet is the most difficult aspect of my journey. But I always keep Diana’s voice in the back of my mind – “80% of what you look like is based on what you eat.”  Every single day, I am cautious about what I put in my body, because every food choice counts.

During my first session with Diana, I remember asking her, “What if I can’t stick with all of this?”   She looked back at me and said, “What if you don’t stick with it?”  I thought about my health and my size, and from that moment on, I knew that I had to do this.  There was no turning back.

My sessions with Diana were brutal – she pushed me beyond what I thought were my physical limits.   After I had gotten into the routine of Diana’s custom workouts and diets, I began to see my body change.  Before I knew it, I had gone from a size 14 to a size 8.  I started getting complements from all of my friends and coworkers, which encouraged me to continue pushing forward. I have gotten down to a size 4 – the smallest size I have ever been!  After spending countless hours in the gym and maintaining  a healthy diet, I can say that, I am in the best shape of my entire life.  One year ago, I was unable to run for a full 4 minutes.  Last month, I completed my first half marathon in 2:08.  Even though I will still continue my journey to achieve an even higher level of fitness, I can say that I have never felt this good!  I am truly grateful to Diana for her friendship, encouragement and her tough love.  She has literally changed my life.  If I can get in the best shape of my life, anyone can!  You just have to make the decision and go for it!”

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