The need to drop weight and keep it off is a battle most adults face, me included.  For years, I found myself eating until my weight reached a point I deemed to high.  I would then start one of the latest fad diets, drop the pounds, only to put it right back on. As the years passed, the task of slimming down became more difficult, and I convinced myself that a gut and some extra weight was not the end of the world.


I guess everyone has a moment when they decide enough is enough.  For me, it was a picture taken in early October.  I was completing my third season as a Royals broadcaster on Fox Sports Kansas City, and the team photographer captured me interviewing pitcher Bruce Chen following our final telecast of the season.  I had tried my best to ignore the recent challenges of  buttoning my dress shirts and suit coats, but this picture confirmed what I feared.  I was overweight and I needed to do something.

Days later, by complete chance, I saw a local fitness magazine sitting on the couch at my sister-in-law’s house and flipped through it.  The issue included a feature on Micah LaCerte. I had never heard of Micah or Hitch Fit but I was intrigued and a google search took me to his Facebook page.


We had a mutual friend, Ryan Alden, who by complete coincidence was finishing his transformation that day.  After talking to Ryan, I was sure Micah and Hitch Fit were as good as advertised.  I was also encouraged by local television reporter Keith King’s very impressive transformation.  I had never met Keith, but knowing that someone in a similar profession as me succeeded with Hitch Fit was further confirmation that this was the place for me.


Fast forward four months, and everything Micah told me would happen did.  Either he can predict the future, or he really knows what he is doing.  He also lives the lifestyle, as do all Hitch Fit trainers.  While I respect everyone in the fitness industry who helps others, I needed someone who truly practiced what he preached.  That is Micah, who pushed me, educated me, stayed positive and always believed in me.   This is the Hitch Fit way.  It’s what you get from Diana, James (“get it, get it”) and the whole crew.

Joels Testimonial


I leave Hitch Fit at a weight I have not seen since high school.  I have more energy than any time I can remember as an adult, and I believe I’m in the best shape of my life.  I cannot thank Micah enough for changing my life and I would recommend Hitch Fit to anyone who wants to lose weight, and more importantly, live a healthier life.

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