Next time you go to a gym pick up a 55lb Dumbbell, this is what Keith took off his body, Talk about hard work and dedication.  He changed every aspect of his life in a positive way.  I cannot tell you how proud of you I am Keith, not only do you look amazing and in much better health but you found the true purpose behind all of this.. Helping and inspiring others.  Week by week would go by and you would walk into the gym with a smile and determined to hit your goal.  I wish you nothing but success in the future and know you are always apart of the Hitch Fit family..

Keith King News reporting in Dec 2009 and later in July 2010..AMAZING VIDEO


“It’s all about choices” – The phrase pounded into my head early on by Micah LaCerte!

I think Micah told me that the very first day we started working together.  I used to work out hard then give myself a pass to eat whatever I wanted.  I knew that was wrong.  I simply wasn’t being honest with myself.  The bottom line is if your mind is like mine, it works overtime to convince you that you can eat what you want and still reach your goal. Well, guess what, you’re fooling yourself!
I started on my transformation at the end of 2009, beginning of 2010.   I was heavy (some would say fat… I know this thanks to my job and the Internet!), I felt unattractive. I was shutting down.  I was ready for a change.

When I started with Micah, my early program was not perfect. With food, I would slip. I would blow off the gym sometimes on my off days.  I would tell myself, I’ll just work harder tomorrow.
But in time, those “slips” became fewer.   Something was happening.  I started making better choices (remember Micah’s mantra).

The longer I worked at it, the easier it became to walk away from temptation.  You know, all the cookies and cakes co-workers and companies bring into the office… the stuff that somehow has a magnetic force pulling you towards it at 3 in the afternoon.  I actually started to walk by, go back into my office and do something bizarre… like drink a protein shake! For me, that is HUGE progress.

During each workout, I would usually hit Micah with a barrage of questions, mainly about food. What type of carbs are the best? Is it ok to eat after I get home late from work?  What’s the deal with fruit?  Each answer would help me improve my diet.

At the same time, we would hit it hard in the gym.  I loved going to my workout sessions.  Micah, Diana, James and the other trainers have great energy and zero drama.  We laughed a lot while Micah kicked my a@@!  He has this place outside the gym he likes to take clients.  It’s called the hill.  Substitute the “i” in hill with an “e”..  and you get the picture.

I’ve lost over 50 pounds (never thought I would say that).  I did it in a slow, consistent and healthy way.  Now, I will actually try on clothes from certain stores that I never used to.  I recently bought a couple new suits from Banana Republic!  A few months ago, I wouldn’t even stop to look.  And now, BR has the Mad Men style suit collection.  I feel very Don Draper! (In reality, I’m probably more like the nerdy Peter Campbell).

So now, I like to tell people that we all strive to be perfect with things like diet and exercise.  But perfection is damn hard.  Give yourself credit for the progress that you make.  And be honest with yourself.  For me, I know that each time I make an excuse like “it’s hard to diet with such a busy job” or “I can’t eat that much grilled chicken” that dishonestly is a mind trick which keeps me from reaching my goals.

Keith Kings Video Transformation


My hope is that my experience will motivate others to reach their goals.  So please, shoot me a question on Facebook or come up and say hi if you see me out.  I love to talk about this stuff and share my experience.  I’m no expert.  But I can tell you what has worked for me.

Thanks Micah!

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