Josh Gets Voted Top 10 Best Max Muscle Body Transformations for 2010.  The Winner will be announced on August 2nd, that person will win $25,000 and the cover of the Max muscle magazine.  Josh has done such an amazing job and deserves this. Check out the link below for the top 10.

Josh’s Transformation Numbers and Video

Total weight loss – 30.4lbs
Total inches lost on belly – 9 1/8″…  From a 40 1/8″ to a 31″ Stomach
Total Bodyfat %  Lost – 15.79%  From 20.89% to 5.1%
Total Fat lbs Loss – 31.61lbs



When Josh came in day 1 I remember thinking this kid has no idea how much his life is going to change.  I cannot tell you enough of how proud of you I am Josh.  You didnt cheat on one meal from oct. 15th 2009- june 15th 2010, The only meal he cheated on was one i told him to eat because i wanted to show him how one meal could change his workout for a positive if looking to increease strength so the night before leg day I had him eata a pizza.  Sure enough he comes in the next day and destroyed his prior record of 500 lbs for 100 reps by over 1 minute.  He understood after that how food is your fuel and you use it for your health and your strength.  Eating pizza all the time is not a good option, but when your trying to add size on and become stronger adding some different foods in came greatly help.  Throughout his journey I had him eating very balanced, lean meats, veggies good carbs, he cut every negative thing out of his life, he quit drinking, quit partying, he became structured within his lifestyle.  This is a story and a transformation that will blow you away.  It almost looks too good to be true or fake/photoshopped, I assure you the pics are real, the videos are real, this guy worked so hard and lived it everyday from the first day i met him.  You want to look and feel like this then you have to LIVE AND TRAIN like this.  Major props to you.  Josh will be competing at the wbff world championships in sept 2010 and is also in the middle of getting his certification to become a Hitch Fit Trainer!!!  Josh is like family to us now as are all of our clients.  You see this is more then just teaching someone how to look good, this is about making relationships, friendships and changing someone life for the better.

Also LADIES.. THIS MAN IS SINGLE.  Through his transformation he put his love life on hold to get himself 100% in everyway.  He is a great guy and looking for that good hearted fitness chick to complete him :)  I had to do it JOSH , lol!!!!!

My story starts in October 2009, as a guy who was living the complete opposite of the 3 key components in the Hitch Fit system.  I think the easiest way to describe myself back then was your typical guy you see at most sports bars.  I was drinking alcohol, eating the worst foods possible, staying out late, making poor choices and not working out at all. I was in terrible shape, felt lethargic and all around unhappy with the direction of my life. All of that was about to change the first day I walked into Hitch Fit to meet Micah.

I had my “ah-ha” moment one day just looking in the mirror.  I was so disappointed that I had let myself go and never reached any of my goals or aspirations.  I always wanted to be ripped like the guys you see in magazines, movies or even MMA fighters.  I would always tell myself one day it’ll happen, but I never did anything about it.  I decided that day looking in the mirror that I was going to change my life and do everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

I found Micah online and started following him on Facebook.  As I looked through his transformations, specifically Jared’s, I knew this was the place I needed to be.  I emailed Micah and within an hour he had responded to me.  I was probably the easiest person ever to sign up for a program.  I pretty much just confirmed everything and told him I needed a 16 week program.  Within a couple weeks I started my transformation.

The first day I arrived I met both Micah and Diana, which was surreal for me since I’d seen all their videos online and felt like I knew them even though I’d never met them before.  After discussing the program in more detail and what my goals were from the transformation, we checked my body fat and took before pictures.  The first workout was an eye opening experience!  I knew I was out of shape, but had no clue how bad it was.  Within the first ten minutes I was exhausted, but I kept fighting through the pain.  Little did I know then, but the burn from the workouts would never stop.  The most challenging day with Micah is definitely leg day.  He would break me mentally about every 3-4 weeks, but I came back stronger each time.

I think the best advice Micah gave me throughout my transformation was to cut out all the negatives in my life that wouldn’t help me reach my goals.  We did this by focusing on the three keys to the Hitch Fit system:  Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle.  Micah made me a custom meal plan that was awesome!  It was all healthy foods that tasted great too.  It was completely balanced and I was able to eat every 2-3 hours.  The fitness aspect was challenging. Micah would push me way past the point where I wanted to quit.   I swear some of the most difficult exercises were with no weight at all.  The final part was lifestyle changes.  I obviously had a lot of work to do on this part.  I stopped the late night partying and drinking.  I found that I liked spending my Friday nights at the gym!  For me, my success was simply about being 100% committed to these three components.

Josh’s Insane Hill Workout


About a month into everything I started a transformation contest to help keep me motivated.  I thought I had a good chance of winning and asked Micah if it was ok to train with him all the way until June.  He was all for it.  He told me I could get my body fat in the 5% range by then.  I couldn’t see it myself, but I believed him.  That might be the best part of having him as a trainer……I trusted him 100%.  He’s very sincere and cares about the transformation just as much as the client.  As my transformation ended I found out that I made the top 20 out of 7000 contestants for the contest.  Now I’m waiting to see if I have won the whole thing!  I couldn’t have done it without Hitch Fit!

Going into my transformation I wanted a major visual change.  As I leave Hitch Fit as a client, I got that, but I feel so much better than I ever have too.  I wake up in the morning with so much energy and am a happy person.  There is no better feeling than being healthy and in shape.  It’s hard to describe, but once you get there, you understand what everyone means when they say that.

Throughout my transformation at Hitch Fit I became good friends with Micah, Diana, James, Glen and Stephanie.  They are all awesome people and great trainers.  I would recommend anyone wanting to get in great shape and feel better about themselves to join Hitch Fit.  Make sure that you are 100% committed to this process and the results will come!

Training at Hitch Fit was such an amazing experience.  The positive atmosphere is evident right when you walk in the door.  It’s so good in fact that I am currently working on my training certification and will soon be training clients at Hitch Fit myself!  Micah asked me if I’d like to train and the answer was obviously “YES!”  It’s a huge honor to be asked and I can’t wait to train lots of clients and help them get their life back just like I did!



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