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My story will sound familiar to a lot of people.  I was an athlete all my life through High School.  I was always in shape and working out daily until I went to college.  Through college I did ok because I worked full time busting tires in addition to going to school, which helped keep me in shape.  Then I got a job as a field technician after graduating college which quickly turned into hitting the closest drive through window for lunch most days…  This began the gradual transformation to Fat James.  Fast forward 10 years, add wife 3 kids a busy schedule and a LOT of excuses as to why I’m not working out and eating right; Here arrives a guy who’s 6’2” and over 300 lbs…  At that point I was tired a lot felt like garbage and would just go to the cupboard for a snack just because I was bored.  I finally looked in the mirror one day and told myself “THIS HAS TO STOP!”  So I started walking in the evenings and eating better.  I lost maybe 25 lbs doing this but I was still way overweight.  I then began to step it up and add in some jogging to my walks and eating less.  Within a year after deciding to lose weight I had lost about 60 lbs and was feeling pretty good, but I hit a wall.  I couldn’t get below 240 lbs.

About that time I saw my good friend Chad transforming right in front of my eyes.  I finally asked him “What are you doing?  You look great!” He said it’s called HitchFit.  So we began to talk about it and he said “yeah, I just finished my transformation and my pictures will be published soon”.  So I was thinking about what we talked about and I knew that I had to do something to get from being where I was in “better” shape to actually being Fit.  When his pictures came out I was blown away and knew that HitchFit was for me.  My wife and I talked about it and decided to do the couples boot camp together.

So we started our 16 week transformation!  I knew that I needed something like this because I didn’t know anything about proper nutrition or exercise and quickly found out why I hit a wall at 240 lbs.  Because I was starving myself and not giving my body the proper fuel to run efficiently.  So I went from eating way too much to eating not enough and definitely not the right kind of foods.  I was also eating almost nothing through the day and then a Huge dinner which was another part of my problem.  Micah’s diet plan for me almost immediately made my body feel less fatigued and stronger (and almost never hungry).

Now for the workouts…  I thought I was in decent shape when I started, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t even close.  I had been jogging regularly, but very little strength training and what I was doing was ALL WRONG.  I was really sore at first, but mostly just the legs as I really had never done any leg workouts.  But, it was worth it because I immediately started seeing great results.  Within the first 4 weeks I had already dropped around 20 lbs.  The HitchFit plan keeps challenging you to push yourself harder each month and I really needed that.  I’m the kind of guy who needs a plan, structure and most importantly accountability; which I had now with the HitchFit plan alongside my wife and in regular communication with Micah.  I couldn’t believe how much better I felt, stronger, more energy, and just an all around better attitude!  I finally believed that a Much healthier lifestyle was attainable.

At the end of my 16 week transformation I lost 54 lbs to get to 186 lbs. and 9.8% body fat.  That got my back down to the weight I was at when I graduated High School, but definitely in better shape now having more muscle mass and less body fat.  HitchFit is truly a lifestyle change that my wife and I will hold on to!  I feel Great and can run around and play with my kids without getting winded or tired.  Being online customers we still felt constantly connected with the prompt email responses and good insight we received from Micah.  I want to say Thank you to my friend Chad, Micah and the HitchFit team for giving me the inspiration and the tools to get Fit, stay Fit and in the best shape of my life at age 33.


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