Over 1 year ago Brandi came into Hitch Fit Overweight, Unmotivated and Unhappy with where she was at.  She was ready to make a change in her life and be healthy and happy again.  After 5 months of hard work and changing her lifestyle, Brandi Lost 40 Lbs of Fat and transformed her body into that sexy bikini body she has always desired.

Since her transformation many huge things have happened for her.  She has been on Tv Multiple Times, Featured in Magazines and Still Inspiring so many people around the Globe.  This month she got an Amazing Opportunity to be featured in Status Fitness Magazine Spring Edition.

Hitch Fit Transformation Story: Brandi

I wanted to share with you a very amazing story of a woman who came to me for a transformation. Her story hits home for many women out there. After giving birth to her first child, her focus in life shifted solely to him and his needs, and she totally forgot about herself. She had let herself get to a point where she was very unhealthy, and very unhappy. She had forgotten that in order to be the best mother possible, she needed to be healthy and happy.

Brandi on Faces of Kansas City Feature with Micah LaCerte


Brandi is a mother, a wife and a business owner but as life got busier, she became overwhelmed and she started making negative choices, living on fast food, feeding her son fast food, not exercising regularly and becoming more depressed.  Even though she wore a smile everyday on the inside she was empty.   Her first day she weighed in at 155 lbs; this was close to the heaviest she had ever been. What was worse was that her body fat was at 38.7%. Even though visually she did not look obese, she was carrying almost 60 pounds of fat on her small frame. Her energy levels were low, she was unmotivated and came in with pure hope that change was possible, and was willing to do what she needed to make it happen.

Little did she know that she was going to undergo a transformation that would take her to a fitness level she had never been before, and change the entire course of her life. From day one, she followed everything that I laid out for her, the nutrition, the cardio, the working out, the lifestyle. She went into her life and eliminated the negatives and replaced them with positives. She worked very hard and ate a healthy balanced diet; we used no fat burners or other supplements besides protein shakes and food.

She lost over 35 lbs; lost 19% body fat, lost 6” around her hips and 7 1/2” around her stomach in 5 months. Her fitness level improved immensely as well.  She came in day one and I had her do a simple plank. She held it for about 30 seconds before falling. The last day she held that same plank for 6 minutes and 15 seconds, which is still a record for female clients at Hitch Fit Gym.  In May of 2011 she plans on competing in bikini at the WBFF US Central Championship here in Kansas City May 21st. She is also in the process of getting her certification and will become a Hitch Fit trainer.

Being a part of Brandi’s transformation, and seeing her change from the inside out, was truly awesome. What she achieve physically was amazing, but what changed on the inside, and how many people she has inspired and continues to inspire, is what’s really important.

Brandi On NBC Action News


How did Brandi get in the shape she is now?

My story with Micah begins and ends with tears. I am a mother, a wife, a business owner, and a friend to many.  But before I met Micah, I felt very empty inside – even though my outside surroundings were full and vibrant.

The love of my life, Ty, was born in May 2005.  With this brand new person in my life, I became overwhelmed with responsibility.  How in the world could I keep it all together?  I owned a business, I had laundry to do, and a baby who needed my attention all the time, I had a husband who got put on the back-burner for everything because I simply didn’t have time to make him feel important, I had friends I barely spoke to (and lost) because I didn’t take time for them either, and did I mention laundry???  So officially in May of 2005, I became the happiest person in the world because of my son.  Unfortunately, at the same time, my eating habits and lifestyle were spinning out of control and I became very unhappy inside.  (*note my weight right after giving birth to Ty was around 130-135 pounds).

Fast forward four years.  It is Winter 2009.  My weight is now around 155-160 pounds (sometimes possibly pushing165 pounds).  What in the world happened over 4 years that made me gain so much weight?  I can tell you exactly.  It was excuses.  I am too busy!!!  So I got McDonalds for breakfast (or totally skip breakfast in some cases), had Taco Bell for lunch, and carry-out Applebee’s for dinner….EVERYDAY!   I had so much work to do – there was no way I was going to make time to exercise.  Lord, I felt I barely had time to breathe let alone pop in one of my many unopened exercise DVD’s to get in a workout.  Excuses, excuses, excuses…

My friend Gwen, (a former client/transformation of Micah’s) (http://hitchfit.com/micahhitchfit-com/2009/12/30/before-afters/gwen/), came over to my house shortly after she finished her transformation…and she looked amazing!  She had recently had a baby and lost a lot of weight and had this beautiful glow about her.  I asked her what her “secret” was – thinking that I would run off to the store the minute she left and buy the magic pill she had been taking.  Gwen told me her success came from a personal trainer named Micah.  She had been seeing him to help her lose weight and he was teaching her how to eat.  Gwen was my little angel that stepped into my life at probably one of the lowest points of my life.  She gave me Micah’s information and off to the internet I went to look at his website and I started setting up my appointments.

January 5, 2010.  My workouts with Micah began.  I cried that morning.  I didn’t think I could possibly workout and be successful.  However, through my journey I found out that Micah’s heart is stronger than any other muscle on his body.  He is probably one of the most caring people I know because of how compassionate he is about your life.  From day one, he saw right through me…he knew I was hurting – and took his time during my transformation to find out where my broken pieces were….and he helped me mend them.  He pushed me to failure in most of my exercises – but what he was doing was breaking me down only to build me back up.  He never once made me feel like I was weak…..but when I was feeling weak – he would remind me of how strong I was and that I could do it for “5 more seconds.”  And guess what, I did.

June 2010.  By now Micah is a dear friend.  He knows my quirks.  He knows my story.  He knows I am succeeding.  Every time I would drive to work out with Micah – I would dread the butt – kicking I was about to endure.  But every time I walked out of his gym I felt like I could conquer the world.  I followed his plan.  He gave me directions – and I took them very, very seriously.  The diet was strict – but never one time did I cheat on ANY food.  Not even a nibble of a cookie.  Not even a lick of icing off of a cake.  Not even a sip of soda pop.  I followed his exercise plans and MADE TIME for myself to exercise and change my life.  And I followed what he said because I believe in him.  And guess what, I succeeded.

Last week of June 2010.  It’s my last session.  My drive to workout with Micah was different this time.  I didn’t dread the butt-kicking.  Rather, I cried because it was over.  In fact, I cried the entire session!  He took time through my tears to recap how much I have changed my life, my son’s life, and my future because of diet, exercise and dedication.  Micah and Diana embraced me with hugs.  Their chemistry together is inspiring – and even though I wasn’t one of Diana’s clients – she always treated me as a friend.  So needless to say – Diana’s hugs meant a lot on my emotional last day.  Micah became such an important part of my life because he changed my life. It was really hard to say goodbye.  One of my fondest moments with Micah is when he complimented me for the very first time about ¾ of the way into my transformation and called me “Skinny Mini.” You see, Micah doesn’t hand out compliments like candy – I found you have to earn it.  At that point I knew I had made it!

I stand here today a better mommy, wife, business owner, and friend.  I am strong inside and out.  I have the ability to control my life – as Micah taught me.  My marriage is stronger than it has ever been.  I love running around playing baseball with my son. Before Micah, I would have rather taken a nap than play outside.  That is a sad thought.  I can organize my life better because I have energy, direction, and will-power.  I want to inspire other moms out there who are stuck in a rut like I was.  There is hope.  I promise diet and exercise will change your life.

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Thank you to my husband who supported me from day one.  He works so hard for our family and sacrificed so much so I could work out.  Micah is currently working with him and changing his life too.  My husband is the most amazing man and held my hand through my transformation.  Thank you to my son Ty who wants to challenge me to the PLANK all the time!  He is learning great things from what I have learned.  He will be a better, stronger, healthier little boy because of Micah being in our lives.  Thank you to Gwen – I firmly believe God planted you in my life for this particular purpose – you came to me when I needed someone the most – you were and always will be my rock.  Mary and Ashlie – who worked out with Micah the same time I did and helped encourage me.  You girls became lifelong friends and we shared one of the hardest journeys of our life together through Micah.  And lastly, thank you to Micah for wiping my tears from day one and allowing me to reach the potential you knew I always had.  Your purpose in life has clearly been established.  You are a dear friend and I can never explain to you how much I appreciate the tools for life you have left me with.  And please know that I will always do 5 more seconds whenever I feel like giving up!;)


Brandi At the Arnold Fitness Expo!!!


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