We opened our doors in August 2009 in Kansas City and started the Online Training in Feb 2009.  Diana and I were the only trainers at the beginning but soon started adding trainers in with the first year being a huge success.  Between just 3 of us we helped people lose over 2000lbs.  The last year has been one of the best years of of life.  We got married, opened another location, ran our own Wbff fitness show, added 15 new trainers and I won the Wbff Muscle Model championships and Diana Placed 2nd in the world in her class.  Hitch Fit was featured in Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, World Physique, Kansas City Fitness Magazine and Status FItness Magazine as well as featured on Bodybuilding.com as the Gym of the month. We were also named the Top Online Personal Training in the World by Fun Happy Living Magazine.  The thing we are most excited about is we are now in 60 different countries with Hitch Fit Online (www.hitchfit.com) and between all of our clients and all of our trainers clients we helped people world wide lose over 15,000 lbs of Fat!!!  I cannot even express to you how blessed we feel to have the opportunity of working with so many people.  We are both practice what we preach type people, I had to first transform Myself (My Journey) as did diana had to transform herself.  Our stories were inspiring to so many as your stories are inspiring!!

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