First, and most importantly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have truly touched my life in such a positive way.  My health, appearance and overall outlook are profoundly better and forever changed.

Mike Shows off his New and Improved Body


Pictures tell a million words with Mikes Transformation, from his new and improved body to the huge smile he has on his face.  In only 4 months Mike changed his lifestyle, his mindset and his body.. AMAZING.  As I am with all of my clients I am super proud of him, going in and transforming your life takes a ton of work and many changes but the end result is something that is unexplainable.  I knew when mike left that he would be a forever changed person, now knowing his body better and living a lifestyle that would keep him very focused and happy!!

We talked about what brought me to Hitch Fit and the changes I made in our video interview but I wanted to expand on that a bit and add some things that didn’t come up in the interview.  As I mentioned, I had always been a fairly healthy guy.  Nothing spectacular but I tried to hit the gym and eat reasonably well.   In the fall of 2006, I lost my job of 18 years unexpectedly (as it turns out, one of the best things that has ever happened to me but I didn’t realize it at the time).  Then, in April of 2007 my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and she passed away suddenly on June 8th, 2007.  We were very close and her loss really knocked me off my feet and sucked the life out of me for a long while.   Looking back, that is when I began to make some really poor choices with my diet, drinking often and to excess and ignoring the gym.  I tried to deal with a negative, unhappy situation with more negative and it didn’t work.  Over the next 2 years, I gained 10-15 lbs per year.  In March of this year (2010) as I was going through a rough time in my personal life with a situation that was creating substantial anxiety, stress and worry I got on the scale and it read 220.  I was shocked and embarrassed and my self esteem was at an all time low.   It was then that I reached out to you and asked for help.   Two friends had gone through their transformations with you and both told me it would be one of the best decisions of my life.   They were 100 % right!

See how Mike changed his Life!!


When I contacted you in March, I remember what you said.   “I would love to work with you, but I need you to give me everything you’ve got”.  You put my on a waiting list and said you would let me know when a time slot opened up.  May rolled around and I was talking to a friend about the upcoming anniversary of my Mom’s passing and what a rough time that was for me.  She said “why don’t you do something different this year on that date and try to make it a positive, fun day instead of focusing on the sadness”.  That sounded great but I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish that.   Then, on the first Saturday in June I got a call from you out of the blue saying you had a slot for me and would  I be able to start my transformation on Tuesday morning, June 8th (3 years to the day of her passing).  I remember laughing to myself that this was a sign and a kick in the butt from her that it was time for me to get it together.   So I showed up that morning, extremely nervous and wondering what I had gotten myself into.   You had me take off my shirt to take some before pictures and I remember being so embarrassed.  We started working out that day and I could barely do 5 push-ups.  But, the cool thing was, you were awesome about it and so encouraging.  From day 1, you provided the guidance I needed to keep coming back and to start making better choices in my life.  The one thing I want everyone to know is that when they work with you, you are more than just a trainer in the gym.  You were my trainer, nutritionist, life coach and a friend.   You gave me some very wise counseling along the way that I will carry with me forever.

So, that brings us to today… months of giving it everything I have, making smart choices and working my tail off in the gym.   At age 44, I am undoubtedly in the best shape of my life and words can’t describe how incredible I feel.   I look at those before pictures and I’m in awe of what you were able to help me accomplish.  Not only is there a change to my physical appearance but also a mental change as well.   I have a much more positive outlook and approach today than I did before.   I have people ask me often what kind of diet I’m on or what my new workout routine is and I tell them it’s a combination of everything…eating “clean” the majority of the time, pushing yourself in the gym to do 3 more when you want to quit, getting plenty of rest, trying to eliminate the negatives in your life the best you can. No magic pills or creams just dedication and hard work.

Mikes Intense Workout!!


For anyone struggling with their weight and dealing with one of life’s many challenges, I hope my transformation shows that if you will make that commitment and put your trust in the process some incredible things will happen in your life.

Thank you again Micah for everything!

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