Nikki is all the way from Australia she wanted to get in the best shape of her life. She decided on doing the Fitness Model Program .  As I say often its harder to go from Good to Great then Bad to Good when it comes to Body Transformation so the level of Ripped Nikki Got to is very impressive.   Most importantly she is now full of energy and very healthy!!! She just signed up for a 2nd round to add more size with the Muscle Builder Program and is doing amazing.  I could not be more proud of her hard work!!!

Starting Details:

Age 28

Weight – 46.1kg

BF – 16%

Start Date – 12th Sept 2011

Finishing Details

Age 29

Weight – 40.8kg

BF – 8.4%

Finish Date – 2nd Dec 2011

Nikkis Testimonial

My journey starts a little different from most people, I was already in ok shape with a mostly healthy diet. I was going to the gym 5 days a week but my problem was, I, was so confused with all the conflicting information about nutrition and workout plans. I had no clue what I should be doing in the gym to obtain the physique I was striving for. I had no idea of how much or how often I should be eating to benefit my gym work. I had tried a couple of programs but none of them worked for me. Overall I felt that I should be getting far greater results from the time that I was spending in the gym, I was obviously doing something wrong as I couldn’t get the muscle definition I was striving for. My motivation for exercise was lacking, I was bored at the gym, my energy levels were sluggish and my diet was slipping.

My boyfriend Martin mentioned HitchFit to me and after viewing clients transformations I immediately knew that this program was the one that would  get me over my plateau and provide the motivation that I needed. Martin bought me the HitchFit fitness model couples program for my birthday- we were in this together!.  The day Martin and I moved in together was the day we started our HitchFit transformation and our new life together. Micah provided me with a personalised gym program, personalised eating plan and a maintenance plan and after looking at the program which Micah had created for me I knew the next 12 weeks were going be INTENSE.  I’m a midwife and start work at 7 or 8am which meant I was up and at the gym at 4am in the morning training 6 days a week often for 3 hrs on my weights days. I started my shifts feeling shattered but in a good way. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy I had  throughout the day. Each week I did 2 massive cook ups for both Martin and myself which I found easier than trying to prepare food everyday. Each week at the supermarket I people were often curious about the contents of my shopping trolley, I was buying litres of egg whites and 2 kilos of white fish, 5kg of chicken breast and copious amounts of broccoli. So I would start my spiel about my HitchFit transformation, which was retold over and over again throughout the 12 weeks as people noticed my changes and started asking questions.

During my HitchFit journey I was faced with a few challenges, I hurt my knee at week  4 which forced me to rethink my choice of cardio,  I came down with a cold that slowed me down for a week and my body struggled trying to adapt to the final 6 weeks of carb cycling. I pushed through all the boundaries that were put in front of me with the help and support of Martin and encouraging emails from Micah.  I encountered people who just couldn’t understand why I had chosen to sign up with HitchFit, they thought I was already “thin enough”,. No matter how hard I tried to explain that Hitch was not a diet it was a lifestyle change and for me it was about  learning how my body worked and what it needed to function optimally, to feel healthier and happier and  gain muscle definition. For me this was not a weight loss program. I found myself talking to a brick wall, so I had to sift through my friends family and work colleagues to find the support I needed to complete the program.

I woke up one morning and realized I had finally conquered the goals I had set out to achieve throughout the 12 week transformation.  I found myself smiling and giggling everytime I looked down at my new 6 pack. I still wake up and check it is still there and that it is not just a dream. I can pump out 50 push ups compared with 23 at the start, I can finally pump out a few chin ups……I’m still working on reaching 10!! I feel alive again, my motivation for the gym has returned, my energy levels have returned, I’m happier and feel healthier than ever.

I could not have done this without the support of Martin, his mum Rosa and partner Dave and everyone at work who put up with my ups and downs and watched on in curiosity as my diet and body changed  each week. Thanks to Micah and Diana I am now officially HitchFit!!

Nikki’s Program Choice

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