When I first contacted Micah my goal was to find someone who could help my sister who had been battling weight problems for years.  I knew she would need someone who would be able to motivate and teach her from scratch.  My sister didn’t have much experience or knowledge in the gym.  Several of my co-workers had used Micah to train and all of their results were amazing.  I got to see their dramatic changes first hand so I knew Hitchfit was not a gimmick.  I also knew that in order for my sister to be successful she would need a support team.  I decided to do the online program while she trained so we could motivate each other.

I was not a stranger to the gym.  I had worked out with weights on and off for about ten years.  The older I got the fatter I would get each time I stopped working out.  And when I would start working out again it was harder to loose the weight each time.  My job was very stressful at times and involved working long and abnormal hours.  I found myself in a physical state that I was unhappy with.  I was tired all the time and had a difficult time finding the energy for a good workout when I was in the gym.  My diet was horrible.  There was no consistency to what or when I would eat.  Because of my hectic work schedule I often found myself going through a fast food drive-thru in the middle of the night.

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Then came Hitchfit. Micah provided me with a diet and workout and assured me if I followed it I could not fail.  I was lucky because I had witnessed several friends use Hitchfit and they all succeeded, so I already believed in it.  The first thing I noticed, and it only took a couple of days, was the difference in my energy level on the diet.  I was eating a lot of food, and definitely did not go hungry, but I felt so much better.  Gone was the feeling of a brick in my stomach after eating a value meal from McDonald’s.  I no longer got tired during the middle of the day and no longer needed to take afternoon naps.  I found it easier to get up in the morning and felt awake all day.  I also had a noticeable increase in energy level in the gym.

The workout Micah designed for me was specific to my goals and kept my heart rate pumping.  I enjoyed it because it changed frequently and it was not the same old three-to-four sets of ten that I had been doing with minimal success for years.  I began noticing a change in my physical appearance within the first two weeks.  I also finally was able to do cardio without it feeling like a big chore.  I attribute that to the increased energy from the diet.  It felt good to be able to get up and go run five miles and not be exhausted when finished.

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Hitchfit was a life changer for me.  I feel alive again and I am enjoying life more then ever.  I want to thank Micah for teaching me a better way to live.  I now understand what to eat and why and most importantly I know how good you can feel when you eat right.  I also want to thank James, the Hitchfit trainer that worked with my sister.  She has made awesome progress and has been able to improve the quality of her life.


If you live in Kansas City check out www.HitchFitGym.com for information on one on one personal training. If you are ready to change your body and your life with Hitch Fit, and don’t live locally, or would prefer the online program, click the link above to start your transformation today. By this time next year YOU could be on the Hitch Fit Wall of Fame!

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