Start of 16 Weeks

Weight:  201lbs

Waist:  39.5 inches

Russ is a Hitch Fit Online Client and Firefighter from Canada that through the holidays transformed his body and his life!!  In 4 months Russ dropped 33lbs and 7.5″ off his belly.  I love see the confidence of the after pictures!! Russ Did the Lose Weight Feel Great Program!!! As you can see in Russ’ after shot he is one HAPPY and HEALTHY GUY!!! Proud of you buddy.

My name is Russ Friesen and I am a fire fighter.  I have been lifting weights and working out for over 20 years, but I have still struggled with my weight most of my life.  As I approach 40 years old I was getting close to the heaviest I had been at 5’7” I was 201lbs with a 39 inch waist.  I had already switched up a pant size a while back and they were now getting tight. My 17 year old son said to me one day “Dad you should try and get back into shape”.  It was shortly after I decided it was time to start.  I found hitchfit online and started to read the before and afters and related to a lot of the clients.  I sent Micah an email and started my plan immediately after I received it.

When I started in the program I resisted the difference in working out from what I was used to, but noticed results and was motivated to work harder every week.  I felt so much better after only weeks.  I am very goal oriented so having something to work towards continued to drive me forward even when I felt the temptation to waver or quit.  Micah is a great motivator.  I am impatient by nature and struggled here and there with bad weeks, but in the end feel great for my accomplishments.  The change in lifestyle did not come with out its challenges since not everyone supports you, but it really is a great feeling when friends or strangers come and ask you how you did it.  I am a long ways from where a want to be for sure, but am a lot closer than I was months ago.  Thanks Micah and I look forward to my next goal or challenge.

 End of 16 Weeks

Weight:  168lbs

Waist:  32 inches

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