Amanda is one of those gals who does it all! She’s works along with being a busy mom of 3 and wife. But when she finally decided enough was enough and she as taking charge of her health and fitness she proved that where there is a will, there is a way. She realized that if you want change in your life, you have to put your focus into your goals and the time that you need to do the things that are most important to you IS there. Amanda shed a little over 21 pounds during her Hitch Fit Online Training program and approximately 12% body fat. Great job Amanda!!

Amanda’s Stats:
Height: 5’8.5″
Starting Weight: 192.4
Ending Weight: 171
Starting Body Fat: 34.7%
Ending Body Fat: 23%


female, Look Like a Fitness Model, over 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost
female, Look Like a Fitness Model, over 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost
female, Look Like a Fitness Model, over 20 pounds lost, less than 20% body fat lost


Amanda’s Story:

“My journey with weight loss and fitness began about 4 years ago.  I was suffering with anxiety and subsequent depression.  I wasn’t eating well and wasn’t exercising.  I had been listening to a program on the radio about chiropractic care, so I called in and was directed to a local chiropractor.  During my weekly adjustment sessions we would discuss diet and exercise and the doctor encouraged me to start an exercise program to help handle stress and panic attacks.  With much fear inside of me and trepidation–I embarked on my attempt at getting well.  Initially my desire to exercise had no roots in wanting to look good or lose weight—all I wanted was to feel normal again, to not have a constant stomach ache from stress and worry.  I wanted to erase the fog and fear that was clouding my everyday existence and I was desperate not to have to take medication.

After roughly 2 months of steady exercise, I began to notice that my physical symptoms of panic, shortness of breath, the “outside of myself” feelings, and the stomach aches were subsiding significantly.  With more encouragement from my chiropractor I also began eliminating caffeine and soda from my diet and worked on getting out the processed foods in my diet—however, the catch 22 about my situation was that comfort foods were a HUGE relief to me when I was feeling bad—sedating myself with large loads of pasta, potatoes and bread was in and of itself a medication of types and I wasn’t about to stop.

Fast forward one year…..At this point I had been steadily working out 4-5 days a week with weight lifting and regular cardio.  I was on cloud 9 as far as my emotional state.  I was feeling myself again and things were getting back on track.  Stress was no longer causing a downward spiral in my life, exercise was a natural anti-depressant and I was totally hooked.  I knew that there was no way I would ever lead a sedentary life again because my body craved movement and physical release and exercise gave me all the components to allow my body and brain to handle stress appropriately.  With tools I had learned from counselors, exercise I had done myself, and regular attention to a “no-stimulant” (read: no caffeine, smoking, drinking) lifestyle I was definitely feeling better.

Forward another year—same emotional wellness, ABSOLUTELY NO physical changes from all the hard work at the gym I was putting in.  I would tell myself the same stupid things over and over again, “You work out hard, you can eat whatever you want.”  “So, what?  If I’m big forever, it’s no big deal…my husband loves me anyways.”  “I don’t need to lose weight, it’s not important.”  “I just have a sluggish thyroid.”

Forward yet another year——see above paragraph you just read?  You could re-read it–that’s basically what I said and did the following year.

By year 3, I was starting to get fed up.  I knew I’d never stop exercising for all it’s emotional benefits for me, but I was now feeling pretty emotionally stable and really wanted to make those physical changes that I wanted.  The desire to lose weight was much stronger now that I was once again a functioning adult and the drive began to come back.  The problem was, I wanted the quick fix.  I looked and looked and looked some more for the right diet that would let me eat the things I wanted to keep eating and still lose weight.  I would count calories, eat low-fat, try Weight Watchers, try the 5-factor fitness, even attempted the Body For Life program, but failed miserably by day 3.  I tried Atkins with no luck, the South Beach Diet with even less luck.  I tried over and over and over—-only to find myself making excuses and breaking my diet within days of starting it.  Or, I would make it a week–lose 5 or 6 lbs and then think, “Ok, if I lost 5 lbs this week, I can cheat a little here and there and still lose 3-4 lbs.”……I would make little compromises all week until the next weigh in, only to find I made no progress.  I would then give up and decide, “If I can’t have all these foods that make me happy, then losing weight is not worth it to me.”  I wanted all the benefits of hard work, but none of the pain to get there.  I was not really ready to change.

During all these journeys through different programs, different approaches and everyone’s “expert” advice I had come to a place that I knew a few things to be true:

1) there’s no magic pill
2) you must put diet AND exercise together to complete the fitness puzzle
3) water is your friend
4) crazy supplements are not worth it and most contain caffeine which is not an option for me
5) all the advice, tools, and programs in the world do nothing for the person who is not ready to change.

It was with these things in mind that I began searching for my final attempt at weight loss.  I literally told my friends, “I’m going to try one last time, and if it doesn’t work, I will find a way to be happy being a chunky woman because I can’t go through the disappointment and failure again.”

Over the previous years I had become pretty familiar with and Oxygen magazine.  I knew about eating clean and how to lift, etc… I started searching profiles on line, getting the info on their pages on how they got fit, what they did, etc…

I kept running into the words HitchFit.  Micah LaCerte, Diana Chaloux….I decided it was worth looking into.  I went to their Hitchfit website and the first transformation story and photos I saw were of Brandi.  She was a mom (around my age) and her transformation was absolutely inspiring.  So much so that I printed out her before and after pics and carried them in my purse with me.  I began to research Micah and Diana themselves and saw that their reputations were amazing and the results they’d been getting with their clients were outstanding.  They also believed in all 5 principles that I had decided were a must for any program I chose.   I was getting more excited by the day.  The only problem was money.

After trying for a few months to save up enough to buy their program—we had to use what I had saved on a car repair.  I felt so devastated because once again, the program I had chosen was out of reach and who knew how long it would be until I could save the money to get it.

In came my mother in law who said that for Xmas she would purchase the program for me.  I was beyond thrilled.  On Dec 31, 2011 I sent my before pictures to Diana and she got to work.

The program came in my email and I was like a little kid.  I was so excited I could barely stand it.  I printed everything out, made a folder with motivational pics,  read it all back and forth over and over again, went shopping and on Jan 4th, I began my 16 week program.

The first few weeks were tough.  Not because of the workouts—they did take a little more focus than what I had been doing, but I was pretty experienced in the gym.  It was the food.  I was determined to do it correctly, therefore I didn’t really ho or hum over WHAT I had to eat, but let me tell you—-I had the hardest time dealing with WHEN I had to eat!!!! Eating 6 meals a day on weight lifting day was a complete and total challenge for me.  It took all I had sometimes to get that last meal in.  And trust me, when you are eating your last meal and you don’t want to take another bite–that is a totally different monster.

Diana assured me that with all the energy I was putting out, that I would soon appreciate all those meals and she was 100% correct.  Around week 4 I realized that I craved every single meal and was excited for the next one.  Once my metabolism started to pick up—I needed every single meal there was!

Planning is no joke!  If you do not plan, plan to fail.  There is no way around it.  I have a busy life, just like many people who choose to do Hitchfit.  I have 3 kids, 2 of which are very active teenagers in All-Star cheerleading which takes up a large amount of our life.  I work 30 hours a week, take care of a home, and raise kids–as well as be a wife.  I could’ve easily said, ” I just don’t have time to workout or do this.”  and I would’ve been right!…..but the bottom line is….you have to decide what is going to be a priority in your life and we will make room and time for the things that are important to us and that is what I had to do.

The program never got easier.  I just got better and more efficient at doing it. 😉  I learned how to prep all my food in one or two days a week and plan appropriately for everyone’s tastes and schedules.  It wasn’t easy and I wish I could say that I got it right 100% of the time….but it’s life and there’s a learning curve.  Mine was steep sometimes!

I am now at the end of my 16 weeks and I am pretty proud of what I have done.  I am not finished though!! :)  16 weeks was only the beginning.  As I was taking my “after” pictures I realized that those pictures are now going to be my “before” pictures for when I start the Fitness Model Program!!!!  I have been pushed through my comfort zone and given a glimpse of what I can accomplish and it is so very exciting.  Diana has given me the tools to look beyond just weight loss.  When you begin to feel proud of yourself—your perspective on all kinds of things can change.  You realize you can do things that you didn’t think you could do and it gives you confidence in all kinds of areas.  This is the most precious part of the program.  The weight loss is phenomenal–don’t get me wrong.  But knowing things about yourself that you never knew before, even at 34 years old has given me direction in ways I didn’t know were there before.

Amanda’s program choice:


If you are wondering if you can do this—you can.  It isn’t that some people have the willpower and others don’t…it’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.  I spent a long time being one of the ones who wasn’t ready–and one day, I just was….and that is when I succeeded.

In love and blessings (and a much smaller clothing size) I wish everyone the best on their journeys with Hitchfit. It is worth every penny and even drop of sweat!”

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