Vijay did an Amazing Job.  His main goals were to build muscle, become stronger, 6-pack abs and learn more about how to keep himself healthy. He accomplished all of his Goals.  We had a 5 month month transformation which almost 2 months of it either he was out of town or I was out of town and he still accomplished everything.  I had him put weight on , he got himself up to almost 140 lbs from there I leaned him down to his initial start weight but dropped his bodyfat and put 5 solid lbs of Muscle on.

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Congrats Buddy

This year, I decided to take my health and fitness seriously. There are a number of realizations that culminated in me seeking out Micah as my trainer: I officially hit my mid twenties in July-making me realize I’m not getting any younger, I wasn’t comfortable wearing swim trunks around the pool, I wanted to be stronger, I wanted to be more confident, I wanted to create a solid fitness regimen that I could develop for life…the list goes on. In addition to the desire to improve my physical well being, another component that encouraged me to join HitchFit® was my parents. Growing up in boarding school for most of my life, my time with them was limited, and still is as they live in Papua New Guinea. I see them about once a year, and each visit is an insight into the human life cycle and a peek at what my own future has in store. As they age, I wanted to inspire my parents to develop better exercise and eating habits to keep them healthy as long as possible.

When started with Micah, I explained that my goal was to tone up, get stronger, and look good at the pool. Micah helped me understand what I was doing by giving me an educated perspective on what the transformation entailed and what I would need to do to achieve success. He formulated a personalized workout and diet regimen that factored my limited prowess in the gym and the heavy travel schedule that my job requires. The knowledge that I gained about food and how my body works helped me make intelligent choices when I was travelling and kept me focused.

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As the training sessions went by I got stronger, had more energy, was more focused and just felt healthier overall. I was motivated to break out of my shell and go to the gym more (outside of sessions with Micah), which was previously a foreign and frankly intimidating place. The input from friends and family and the HitchFit® family also motivated me, especially from my parents who visited over the summer. I passed on some exercise and diet tips to my parents with the help of my younger brother, it was an amazing feeling to see my parents starting to take active steps toward being more healthy and active (love you Mom, Dad and Vinay!).

Completing the final training session with Micah was empowering and heartwarming. As I “posed” for my after shots, with Diana and James cheering me on, I realized how passionate the HitchFit® family is about instilling healthy lifestyles in their clients. I couldn’t help but feel confident about the changes I have made to my own health. Micah has helped me change my perspective on my physical well being, I look forward to working out, and I now make intelligent food choices without thinking about it. I am very thankful to everyone who encouraged me and listened to my updates along the way and I am enjoying keeping up with maintenance and hope to improve every day!

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