41 years old Mother of 2, Wife and Business Owner, needless to say Kelley is very busy. Does this sound like you or sound like someone you know? Talk about Inspirational WOW.  Yes the pictures are amazing, the weight loss numbers and inches lost are great but the main thing I loved seeing through Kelleys Transformation was how much she smiled.  She found her inner and outer happiness again and learned a new lifestyle that she will teach her family.  You know what I get from this transformation?  That excuses need to be throw out the window, Kelley is juggling many thing and still made it a huge part of her life, anyone can do this but YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR CHANGE AND HAVE TO WANT IT

During her Transformation – Kelley lost 47 lbs of Fat, Lost 21.2% Bodyfat, Lost 9″ Around her stomach, lost 7 1/2″ around her hips and lost 8 dress sizes!!!

Kelleys Story

Believe.  Transform. Inspire.  These words truly describe the foundation of my experience with Micah at HitchFit.  Summer of 2010 was a difficult time for me.  I weighed around 180 pounds and was unhappy with my body.  I was living a blessed life – a supportive, loving husband, two wonderful children and a good job.   Yet as a working Mom, I was incredibly busy and I put everyone’s needs ahead of my own.  As a result, I squeezed in an occasional workout (although my current definition of a workout is vastly different than what I did then!) and my diet consisted of fast food, my kid’s left-overs and consistently poor choices.   I tried every diet and did great…for 2 – 3 days, then would go back to my poor choices.  I was always thinking about losing weight and getting in shape but never was willing to make the long-term sacrifices to do so.  I avoided mirrors but when I would catch my reflection, I would often do a double-take, wondering ‘who is that overweigh woman looking at me?’  I was letting life control me, rather than controlling my life.

In mid-August, my husband, Greg, told me about a friend, Brandi Wisdom that had lost a lot of weight.  He suggested that I contact her to find out how she got in shape.  I didn’t hesitate and sent her an e-mail.  As I awaited her response, I so hoped that her success was easy – a pill, a cream, some trick that would magically make the fat disappear.  Brandi responded and shared with me her transformation story.  She was so enthusiastic and looked so amazing; I wanted to experience what she went through and share in her enthusiasm.  I contacted Micah immediately and he explained that he would be happy to work with me but I was 7th on the waiting list and it could be at least 6 weeks before we could begin training.    I impatiently waited and finally we determined that I would start on September 27th.

Kelleys Transformation Video – She tells you how she did it!!!


I was so nervous on my first day at HitchFit.  I had no idea what to expect, what the diet would be but I was ready for whatever was in store.  I was ready to take back control over my life and make the necessary choices.  During that very difficult first workout, Micah explained the process – workout with him twice a week, burn significant calories by doing cardio, and following the strict diet – and the HitchFit philosophy – believe in myself, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could achieve my goals and give 110%.  There was no doubt in my mind.  I knew I could do it and I knew that I that the experience would change me.

During that first week, I realized how laughable my pre-HitchFit workouts truly were!   I worked harder, pushed myself beyond limits I didn’t think possible and spent more time on elipticals and treadmills in that first week than I had the entire previous year….and I loved it.  The diet was difficult, at first.  The hardest part was cleansing my body from sugar and processed foods.   I had no idea how addicted I was to sugar and caffeine and how those 2 items affected my attitude and my mood!  Once I was eating clean and understood how good food choices actually fuel your body, I didn’t look back!    Although I grew tired of broccoli and grilled chicken, it is still my favorite meal!

I loved my workouts with Micah.  I complained when he asked me to do something that I thought to be impossible but secretly, I loved each and every exercise.  He pushed me further than I thought possible and encouraged me every step of the way.   Just when I thought that the workouts would get easier, he pushed me to the next level:  more reps, heavier weights, more sprints up the Red Hill.  Every week, my body got smaller, my muscles had a little more definition and my confidence became stronger.  I felt great!

As I began to take control of my body, I also began to take control of my life.  I found that the more positive I was about myself, the more positive I was about my life.  I also was able to identify areas that were negatively impacting me.  This empowerment gave me the courage to make changes and let go of those influences that were negatively affecting me.  This was somewhat of an ‘aha’ process for me – the understanding that I was in control of all aspects of my life.

The last few months of my transformation were a little disappointing for me – it was taking longer for the weight to come off.  Initially, that was bothersome but I never lost sight of the goal.  Although it took me a couple months longer, I still achieved my goal.  I reached 138 pounds!  I went from a tight size 14 to a fit size 8.  I had muscles in my biceps and calves that I didn’t think existed.

The success that I found during my transformation continues to inspire me today.  I believe that anything is possible – as long as you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve and you have the support structure in place to assist you along the way.

For all of those who are beginning their journey, my advice is simple:

1.  Believe in yourself!

2.  Have an accountability partner.  For me, this was Micah’s role.  In addition to being my trainer, I was accountable to him every single week.   This made my decision-making rather easy.

3.  Have a cheerleader.  Despite the excitement for the positive changes, this is not an easy process (nothing worth having is easy!).  There are times that you will stumble, maybe even fall.  Your cheerleader will be there to help pick you up, encourage you through the entire process.  Greg filled this role so well!

4.  Journal your food and exercise.  I used Daily Plate at Livestrong.com so I knew my numbers – the breakdown of the food I was eating, how many calories I was consuming and how many I was burning.

There are so many people that made my transformation an easier one and to all of them, I am eternally grateful.  Greg believed in me every step of the way.  He never let me lose sight of what was important and always had a positive comment to keep me on track.  My family & friends were great cheerleaders as well.  Rarely did a day go by that I didn’t receive an encouraging call or accolade.  The trainers at HitchFit are amazing:  Stephanie, James and Tina – your compliments were so motivating and your lives so inspiring.  Brandi was so encouraging – her enthusiasm helped me take that first step and every time that I saw her, she praised my efforts.   Micah changed my life and I can’t thank him enough.  Not only did he encourage and motivate me, the life that he and Diana lead are inspiring.  They live the life that they teach.  Thank you.

Kelley’s Favorite Plan