Super proud of my online personal training client, 46 year old, mother of three, Teresa, who worked extremely hard over a 16 week time period and shed 25 pounds and 11 inches! Check out her awesome before and after pix, and read her testimonial below. Congrats Teresa, you did an amazing job!!

Teresa’s starting weight was 147 pounds, her goal was to get down to 125 and be lean and mean. She ended her program at a little under 122 pounds, and looks AMAZING!!

Teresa’s Story:

“I decided at the age of almost 39, I wanted to be in my best shape ever by the time I turned 40! I did feel great when I turned 40, I had no idea it would get even better. By then I was hooked on going to the gym. In the past 7 years I’ve never missed more than 2 weeks in the gym at a time and that’s only been on a few occasions. I’ve continually changed my workouts throughout the years. I like seeing the body transformations, from getting smaller to getting bigger! I’ve learned a lot about eating clean over the years also. That is definitely what makes a difference. I got into running so I set some goals of running different races at least once. Some of them I ran a couple of times. They include 2mi., 3mi., 5mi., 5k, 10k and half marathon. I never thought I would run a half marathon, but I did it with no stopping and finished it in 2 hrs. and 4 min.. It was awesome! But by then I had enough of the running and decided to set my next goal. A want to compete in a figure competion before I turn 50. I want the experience of the physical and mental challenge of it.  I’ve been playing around with different diets, going to a couple of competitions, different workouts, etc. I was looking at videos on to check things out there also. That’s when I ran across Diana Chaloux, I was instantly drawn to her personality! Some of her first videos she talked about living in Texas and then as I watched more of the videos she said she lived in Kansas City, which is where I lived before moving to Western Kansas. I was so excited that she was closer to me then I originally thought.  I thought I would wait for a couple of years to get in contact with her to talk to her about getting me ready for a figure competition. But then decided I wanted to see how her training was before then. I sent her the information on my existing diet and workout regimen and before pictures. She then sent me the information for my workouts and diet. At the end of my 12 weeks I had very good results, weight wise and measurements. But I felt like I needed just a little bit more of a change to get to where I wanted to be.  When I told Diana this, she told me she wanted to make sure I got to where I wanted to be. She GAVE me 4 more weeks of training and nutrition information.  After that 4 weeks was over it was like a whole new transformation after the first 12 weeks! Big results and lots of recognition. Which makes it really worth all the dedication. I feel better than ever and ready for the next stage of getting ready for a competition. Thank you Diana for everything!”

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