I’m excited to share Matreena’s transformation with you. A few words come to mind when I think of this 45 year old hot mama. First is determined, regardless of what else was going on in her life, Matreena gave me 100% every day, she would not rest until she achieved her goal of stepping on stage at the WBFF and rocking in the Diva Fitness Model category. She didn’t make excuses but made the choices that were necessary every single day to get to where she wanted to be! Persistence is another word, this woman doesn’t quit, and I’m glad, as she is a client who has truly enriched my life by knowing her!! The first time she contacted me to train I didn’t have the availability in my schedule, but Matreena was persistent and by the time it came to train for the WBFF Central US Championships I had some slots open up that worked for her. The final word that comes to mind is Fiesty, this little lady may come in a small package, but she has got more energy and fire in her than I’ve seen in most people! Matreena has had fitness as a part of her lifestyle for a long time already, she went from good to great shape throughout her transformation, she went from 16% body fat to 9% and placed top five in her Diva Fitness Model category at the show!! She has since gone on to compete again at the WBFF World Championships in Toronto where she once again rocked the stage. Congrats Matreena!!

Matreena’s Stats:

Beginning weight: 122

Ending Weight: 106

Beginning Body Fat: 16%

Ending Body Fat: 9%

Matreena’s story:

“It was the beginning of July of 2010.  With my son Rylan turning 24 years old and my 45th birthday approaching in August I had a sense of urgency about a lot of things in life and getting in shape was one of them. I clearly remember the wanting to get in shape at the milestone of my 35th birthday. I was looking back at the last 10 years realizing how quickly time had flown by. I questioned where it had all gone, asking what I was doing with my life and what was next for me. After all, my dreams of my fitness goals were important. It was a brutal shock! I came to the realization everything and everyone in my life had been coming first. It was time for a change! I wasn’t willing to accept the fact I might be looking in the mirror in 5, or worse 10 more years being disappointed and repeating the same questions.

I was splitting my time between being a small business owner and a part-time Fitness Instructor and Coach. Working two jobs putting in an average of 50 to 60 hours a week trying to make ends meet to put Rylan through college didn’t leave me with much free time or energy for anything else. A good part of 30 hours a week, I spent working with women in my age demographic and helping them transform their bodies with a Pilates-based program. Practically every day these women were challenge by reasons and excuses: they had no control over their bodies, they were too old, going through menopause, had slow metabolisms. They believed these were the reasons keeping them from flat abs and a nice butt. I’d heard all the excuses and knew they were just that – “EXCUSES TO STAY STUCK WITH A BODY THEY WERE NOT HAPPY WITH”. I love working in the fitness industry, but this was sad and to say the least, a bit frustrating. Yes- it’s inevitable that time will change people and we can’t change the aging process. But I knew THIS was not true! Sadly, or maybe it was a blessing I was left facing the fact that my own personal fitness goals were not being met. I ate well and taught a few classes to stay relatively fit but I was one of these women. I was 45 and I wanted flat abs and a nice butt too!

While I was coaching women through the 12-week transformation program, I was following Micah and Diana and the Hitch Fit 12- week transformations on Facebook. Micah and Diana’s message they were sending out came across loud and clear. They promoted living a healthy lifestyle by setting an example for their clients and they were getting results. Results were what I was after! I needed a coach of my own. From the beginning I knew Diana was the right trainer for me. The Hitch Fit program was for me!  My heart was set on working with her and when I called I found out she wasn’t available until fall. Disappointed, I put my fitness goals on the back burner again and decided I’d wait to get back to her when her schedule would allow for us to work together

Then something happened that set the ball in motion. I started to see posters and was hearing buzz about the WBFF and other bodybuilding shows. A fitness models’ body was what I wanted 10 years ago!  There was no doubt I wanted to get on the WBFF stage. I contacted Hitch Fit again and begged Diana to work with me. Thank goodness I really didn’t have to beg, but the planets had lined up and we were going to work together and prepare for the WBFF.

My mission was to become an example who other women would want to follow. Yes- vanity was a motivating factor too. Who doesn’t want a better butt and abs?? But staying focused on the bigger picture and determined, I wanted to prove those common, overused excuses were not a reason to be stuck with a bad self-image, in a body those women would not claim to be their own! My desire to be a role model and set a new standard to change those ideas was constantly tugging at my heart. Settling for anything middle ground was not for me! This 45 year old woman made up her mind it was good-bye to her butt and gut! I hit it and I hit it hard.

There were several obstacles. I hated cardio! I’d rather be poked with a hot poker. The first few weeks were a challenge but I embraced my weakness keeping in mind I wanted the fat off my body and I was lacking any cardiovascular training, I was willing to get up 5:00 -5:30AM and make time to get it done. I never missed a session and I began to actually enjoy my mornings at the gym. In 3 weeks my clothes were fitting looser and I was starting to see abs! It also helped set the tone for the day. The endorphins from my workouts also help ease the pain from a condition I have called Adneomyosis (similar to Endometriosis) I appreciate all the benefits I get from my workouts.  And I’ve changed my mind about the hot poker.

My Hitch Fit transformation helped me let go of a painful past of family violence, not setting healthy boundaries and letting go of negative people including almost everyone in my entire family. I was able to identify the stressors and negative emotions of past events and how they have a direct impact on how I handle my present day stress. I was drinking a couple of glasses a wine a few times a week trying to numb how I was feeling.  After a few weeks, I didn’t miss my bad habit. I was empowered coming to terms with this and I was feeling strong from the inside out!

Looking back at the last 10 years….my family, job, friends, everything else came first. Consistently making time to care for myself, making myself a priority and approaching my fitness program with the same love, care, attention and determination I had been giving everything else in my life helped me achieve my fitness goals. I placed 5th in Masters Class with the WBFF Central Us Championship!

What came out of my Hitch Fit transformation was so much more than I was looking for on the surface. Ultimately, my transformation gave me a better understanding of what I’m doing with my life and my work as a health professional. The positive changes of living a fit lifestyle and doing what I love- working to help others do this has a powerful purpose. I am living my childhood dream of helping to heal and save people by working in this industry. I may not be saving the world, but I can save one person at a time by sharing my journey. I started a blog and the response from people following me showed that I have inspired them to do the same! They wanted to be fit too and some of my friends even joined Hitch Fit.

I’ll continue to set a high standard for people to follow, teach, and compete with the WBFF again, in Toronto Canada and aspire to write a book.

From my experience, nothing in my life worth having has ever fallen into my lap or landed at my doorstep. It wasn’t easy to make changes and it wasn’t free, but it IS possible. I’m not left asking where the time went. I accept that it’s gone and I don’t look back. I move forward! I make my fitness goals and my life goals a priority and make EVERY moment of every single day count. And I’ve crossed a few things off my bucket list!

Thank you Hitch Fit and Diana for helping me achieve my personal best and making me part of your fitness family.”


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