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Today I have an incredible story to share! Elizabeth has already inspired SO many people with her very first Hitch Fit transformation http://hitchfit.com/2011-11-17/before-afters/online-personal-training-client-and-mom-of-2-sheds-30-pounds-and-13-body-fat/ where she dropped 30 pounds of fat via the Hitch Fit Online Lose Weight/Feel Great program. This 42 year old mom of 2 was so much fun to work with the first time around, that when she told me she wanted to tackle the challenge of getting of a Competition Prep program, get in fitness model shape and compete in the WBFF Central US Championships, I was thrilled because I knew she would do an incredible job, which she absolutely did! For her second transformation Elizabeth started at 132.8 lbs and 19.3% body fat, she got down to a “shredded” 115 and 11% body fat and rocked the stage for her very first time! So throughout the course of her time with Hitch Fit Elizabeth has shed a grand total of 42 pounds and 22% body fat!! Congrats Elizabeth on an amazing job, and on being a huge inspiration once again!

Elizabeth’s Stats: 

Beginning of Lose Weight/Feel Great Weight: 157

End of Lose Weight/Feel Great weight: 127

Beginning of Competition Prep weight: 132.8

End of Competition Prep weight: 115

Beginning of LWFG Body fat weight: 33.5%

End of LWFG Body fat weight: 20%

Beginning of Competition Prep Body fat: 19.3%

End of Competition Prep: 11%

Elizabeth from Day 1 to rocking the WBFF stage in her “Medusa” theme wear! 

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, Competition Prep, over 40 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, Competition Prep, over 40 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, Competition Prep, over 40 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

female, Lose Weight Feel Great, Competition Prep, over 40 pounds lost, more than 20% body fat lost

Elizabeth’s Story:

“Wow!  Where do I begin??

May 12th, 2012 I stepped onstage for the first time as a WBFF fitness model competitor and it was such an amazing process that led me there. I had already completed my first Lose Weight, Feel Great program with Diana and Hitch Fit, and towards the end of the transformation I just knew there was more out there for me.  This was the end of October, 2012.

As we moved into the Holiday season I was doing a great job at maintenance from my last program, the Hitch Fit lifestyle made me feel empowered, healthy, positive and fit.  I loved feeling like this! I remembered everyone talking the year before about the WBFF competition here in Kansas City, and thinking I was too old, too out of shape, I could NEVER do that!  But one day I started talking to my husband and he said, “I think you know you want to do this completion.”  He was right, I just didn’t think I was the right “type of person” to do it, so I sat down and emailed Diana to see what she thought?

Sure I was in good shape, I ate clean and loved this lifestyle, but I was old.  In fact I was going to be 42.5 years old by the time the show date arrived. I thought for sure that Diana would fall on the floor laughing at such an idea as someone my age wanting to compete. But she didn’t.

Diana was excited that I was inquiring and laid out all the steps, in general, that I would need to take.  She believed in me, and knew from that day on that I could do it.  She was always supporting, reminding, clarifying, and encouraging me every step along the way.  She was also good for me in the tough love department when my own strength failed and my mind started playing tricks on me and my confidence. Diana’s support did it!  I was in, no going back now!  I was so excited from that moment on.  Since I was currently at 19% body fat, and was headed out of town in February to Hawaii for a vacation, we waited to start the 12 week competition prep program until I got back.  I had exactly 12 weeks until show time and I stepped on that stage! Our goal was to drop another 9%-10% of body fat by show time, lean out and build some muscle.  Diana thought my body type would compare best in the Fitness model category, I was soo excited!

After receiving my program I soon learned this was going to be a 24/7 process.  I started with lots of cardio first thing in the morning and then lifted weights everyday around 2pm, before I picked my kid’s up from school.  As the program progressed and the much anticipated “second round” of cardio was added to my day, I worked this in during the late afternoon or sometimes at 10am.

I joined an old-school bodybuilding gym in town, near my kid’s school, with a three month membership since I no longer had all the equipment that I needed at home to train.  I met a lot a great people who had in the past or were in the future going to compete and it was so much fun to encourage each other and hear the stories.  The gym was my place to grow and learn.  Each week I set personal goals to increase my weights, perfect my form, lengthen my endurance.  My lifting routines were changed up every four weeks to keep my body from getting complacent.  It was so amazing to see the changes each week!  They were there, actual hard work paid off each week!  It was extremely empowering!

Over the 12 weeks, Diana and Micah held three posing clinics where anyone could attend and get help posing and more questions answered. I got a lot more than that out of the clinics.  At the first one, I met a group of gals who didn’t really know each other before and we became friends! These are the folks who got me through the tough times.  We met weekly to practice posing and help each other.  We were competitors technically, but friends, supporters, and encouragers, first.  THANK YOU to the 7 of you, you know who you are!!!! You meant the world to me and my training!

I think the most amazing thing part, was knowing that I was in control of the changes I was seeing in my body.  This is all a science and Diana and Micah KNOW what they are doing.  Just like my first program that was not the same as anyone else’s this one wasn’t either.  I cleaned up my diet even more and never cheated.  But still the only people that knew I was doing this competition were my husband and my sister their support was incredible and unending, they were both so excited for me.  Searching for suits and theme wear was glamorous and fun! I had fittings and shopped for bling and felt like a rock star.  One day Diana told me that I needed to tell everyone what I was doing, in order to be held more accountable and also for support, so I did.  I announced it on FB and started a blog of my journey.  I shared what I was eating, what I was doing with others and I was SHOCKED and the love and support that followed!! SO many friends and family came to encourage me and tell me how proud they were of me.  I was overwhelmed; I didn’t want to let any of them down.

As the weeks rolled on and I was in my routine with the cardio, the lifting and the eating, eating, eating, (I ate all day long to fuel my body) the changes it produced were unbelievable.  Who would have thought a 42 year old woman could do this, stick with it, and have the courage to step on stage?

When we were finally down to the last 10 days, the love and support that was shown to me from friends and family kept me going.  I was exhausted, but on cloud nine and riding high!  I was hungry but filled with emotion.  Wednesday of that last week, I actually “lost” my asparagus. I set the bunch down to go take care of something and when I came back to the kitchen, it was gone. I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I had put it down.  Never found it, either.  I was to be out of the house that day for about 10 hours and needed to pack all my meals and take them with me.  Well, now I had no asparagus.  After mentioning this to a dear friend who was also out of her house all day, but meeting me later at Hitch Fit for a photo shoot, she gave me her asparagus that she had prepared for her that day.  These are the kind of friends I met, and support I found.  This was the best time of my life.  It was something I did for me. I had not even joined so much as a book club for myself since my oldest (now 12) was born.  This was for me.  Everyone needs this experience in their life, it is very empowering and completely like nothing you have ever done before.  Thank you so much to Diana, my trainer, mentor, coach, confidant, and advisor, I could not have even signed up or considered this program without your support and knowledge.

That day, on stage, I was confident I brought the VERY best me to the stage.  I had practiced for months, never cheated on my diet, lifted weights far beyond what I thought I was capable of and changed my body for the better.  On the day of the show we found our group dressing together backstage, my family was in the audience out front and my time on stage was my time to show off all the training, all the hard work, all the sacrifices and all the emotional confidence I had gained.  This was another world to me, one of glamour and glitz, blisters and sweat, strength and determination.  I did it, and I hope to do it again in the future, at 43.5 years of age this time!!

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