40 Year Old “Super Mom” Susan’s Hitch Fit Transformation!

Super proud of Hitch Fit transformation “Super Mom” Susan! Susan is Amazing (seriously folks…mom of 3 kids ages 4, 11 and 13….and a full time job!!) this woman has overcome so many obstacles throughout her journey to her first Figure competition, I couldn’t be more impressed! Susan came to me initially because she she was about to turn 40 and I quote….she wanted a “swimsuit model butt” by the time her birthday came around!

Susan had just completed her first 1/2 marathon and was ready for a new challenge. She was interested in the world of Figure competition, but wasn’t sure what steps to take to transform her body into that of a fitness model or figure competitor. She lives about an hour away from Hitch Fit Gym, so we worked online mostly, though Susan was able to come in to meet with me on occasion throughout her transformation. My first thought when I first met Susan was that we needed to put some muscle on her, she was lean already, around 15% body fat, and wasn’t eating that much, so the first three months of working with her our goal was to eat and put on as much muscle as possible in our short window of time before we needed to start prepping for her first Figure competition which would be September 18, 2010 in Kansas City. I was so impressed with Susan’s work ethic, please be sure to read her story below, all of the challenges she faced and overcame throughout this journey are truly remarkable. She ended up stepping on stage at her first show, with more muscle on her body than she’s ever had, leaner than she’s ever been at 8% body fat, and she placed top 5 in EVERY category she competed in! Congrats Susan, you wanted a swimsuit model booty….and you got one….and some trophies to prove it!! ;-)

Starting Stats: April 2010 – 129.6 lbs – 15% Body Fat

Muscle Building Phase until July 2010 then Leaning Phase for Competition Began

Ending Show Stats: September 2010 – 123.8 – 9.8% Body Fat

Watch Susan’s Video Interview Below!

Susan’s Story:
“I am not one of those people that can eat whatever I want and remain thin. I have always worked hard at it. When this journey started, I had been getting up early for years to exercise more and eating progressively less to maintain my weight as I aged. I had also started lifting a few years earlier to boost my metabolism, but just couldn’t manage to build any muscle.

I came across Diana’s add on Facebook and clicked on her website. A few months later, I saw her on the cover of KC Fitness. She had the figure that I had been working for in vain. I sent her an email.

When I came to Diana, I had just completed a ½ marathon, was pretty thin, and had decided that long distance running was not for me. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to compete in a figure competition. That was the goal I chose to keep me on track.

Diana started me in a building phase. She sent me a full workout and nutrition plan that nearly doubled my caloric intake. I had to change my way of thinking of food as the enemy to using it as the fuel my body needed to build muscle. It took me nearly 5 weeks to build up to the daily caloric intake I needed. The lifting was intense, but it was something I enjoyed. I teased Diana that no one had ever told me to eat more and run less to get into shape, but I would trust her.

About 8 weeks into my training, I went from being a full time stay-at-home mom for our 3 kids to taking a full time job. I spent every Sunday afternoon grilling meat, prepping salads, and measuring out oatmeal and supplements; whatever I could do to save time in the mornings. I crawled out of bed at 4:30 am so I could get my full workout in and still make it to work on time.
I was making great progress, gaining muscle and losing fat.

Two weeks later things took a turn. On a Tuesday morning, I packed my meals and headed to the doctor’s office with my 11 year old son who couldn’t seem to shake the stomach flu, expecting to head into work when we were finished. I ended up pacing the waiting room floor when a routine appendectomy turned into a 2 ½ hour surgery. His appendix, which was unusually located, had been burst for 4 days and adhered to his liver. That night his fever continued to climb and he became borderline septic. He was fighting for his life. Over the next couple days it was touch and go, but by God’s grace and the skill of the doctors and nurses, he came through. He spent 12 days in the hospital, but recovered fully. As a matter of fact, I am writing this between plays of his tackle football game.

The stress had been immense. Even though I only missed a week of workouts and managed to continue eating clean (ironically hospitals are not the easiest place to find nutritional meals), I had lost weight and gained fat. It was a real life lesson on the havoc that stress can play on our bodies. Although, my goal of a fall figure competition was set on the back burner for a time, I never once thought of giving it up. With life back to normal, I just had to work harder to make up for the lost progress.

As the leaning phase began, the time constraints of a full time job and raising a family became trickier to manage. I employed our 13 year old daughter to babysit her 3 year old brother in the evenings when I needed to go to the gym and my husband was out of town or taking our other son to football practice. My menu became more restrictive and meals for my family suffered due to a lack of time and my struggle to not eat outside it. At one point, when I didn’t sit down to dinner with them, our 3 year old announced that I wasn’t eating with the family because I “only ate carbs and rice cakes and stuff like that.” I toted a cooler of “clean” meals with me everywhere I went, including our family vacation. I chose the hotel, not on location, but because it had a kitchenette and free access to a full gym within a five minute drive – which I used every morning we were there.

As my cardio increased, I had to get creative with my scheduling – supersonic grocery shopping over my lunch hour, double workouts on Sunday mornings before church, cardio late at night after the kids’ activities and tucking them in bed, and starting loads of laundry when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. There were many a weight training session that I wanted to cry and some that I did. One morning, after I had finished 55 minutes of incline intervals on the treadmill, I was so tired I had lost awareness of where I was. I got off and yelled, “Take that butt fat!” and was brought back to reality by peels of laughter from other people at the gym.

The leaning process was tough on my family, but they stuck in there with me. My friends let me bring turkey burgers, huge pans of roasted vegetables and Crystal Lite to cookouts. I rarely opened my Facebook page without seeing words of encouragement posted on my wall. Diana continued to adjust my workouts and diet weekly and encourage me when I got tired or discouraged. There were “nay sayers” that said I wouldn’t or couldn’t do it, that it was “weird,” or that I just wanted attention, but I just used that as fuel to strengthen my commitment.

I competed in the Natural Classic in Overland Park on September 18th. I placed in the top 5 in all 3 of my classes. The experience was incredible. I still look at the pictures from that competition and am amazed that the girl in those photos is me! Diana was competing that same weekend, so my daughter came backstage with me as my “trainer.” She was so inspired by the sportsmanship of the competitors, the obstacles that many of them had overcome and the fact that they were just “normal” people, that she has started eating clean and is thinking about competing when she turns 18! My husband has started exercising & lifting regularly again, my older son joins a running club on his days off from football practice and my youngest son is growing up surrounded by healthy living.

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I am training to compete again in the spring. This is not just a thing to cross off my bucket list. It is a lifestyle. Even when, one day, I decide to stop competing, I will continue to lift, exercise and eat clean. The energy and feeling of well being it gives me is so great, why would I ever want to return to anything else?

Through this I have shown my children that discipline and dedication can help you achieve the most “far out” goals, even when life throws you curves. I hope I have inspired my friends and some of you reading my story. Those dreams that you think are just destined for other people with different circumstances… actually belong to you!!!

If you live in Kansas City check out www.HitchFitGym.com for information on one on one personal training. If you are ready to change your body and your life with Hitch Fit, and don’t live locally, or would prefer the online program, click the link above to start your transformation today. By this time next year YOU could be on the Hitch Fit Wall of Fame!

Diana’s contact: diana.chaloux@yahoo.com

Micah’s’ contact: Micah@hitchfit.com

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