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2804, 2016

Before and After Weight Loss Pictures of Top Fitness Model Revealed

Before and After Weight Loss Pictures of Top Fitness Model Revealed! Hitch Fit Co-Founder & Co-Owner Diana Chaloux - LaCerte shares her story and never before seen before and after photos! Before and After [...]

404, 2016

This 60 Year Old Grandmother Dropped 20 lbs and Inspires Her Students

  I LOVE today’s transformation story!! When women who are over 60 come to us, wondering if it’s too late for them to get in great shape, to be strong and fit, and to look [...]

2802, 2016

See How This Couple Dropped 120 lbs – Fit Grandparents

Rick and Vickie On Tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeQrF7T8e68   Do I have an Amazing Inspiration Story for you!!  These grandparents dropped 120lbs combined to Get Healthy and Fit!! Vickies Story Fit Grandparents Here I was, 58 years [...]

2202, 2016

Get In Fitness Model Competition Shape

Shawn Did Amazing getting the Fitness Model Competition Body he always wanted .  He won his first show too!! Fantastic Work Shawn I have been a personal trainer since 2006 and for whatever reason was [...]

402, 2016

Fit Over 50 – This Fit Grandpa Loses 69 lbs at 55 Years Old

Check out this 55 Year old Fit Grandpa JAW DROPPING RESULTS- I am so excited to share with you all The Transformation of Rick Sims. Many of you may know his Amazing Wife Vickie Sims [...]

2501, 2016

Lose Weight and Get Pregnant – 33 pounds lost and baby on the way!

Lose Weight and Get Pregnant - 33 Pounds lost and new baby on the way for Jessica! Lose Weight and Get Pregnant - Jessica's lost 33 pounds and finally became pregnant after trying [...]

1801, 2016

Nutrition and Exercise Plan to Change Your Body

Nutrition and Exercise Plan to Change Your Body Helps this Client Achieve Fitness Goals!  I'm so pleased to share Kristin's story today! Like many people, she wanted to see results and changes in her body. [...]

1401, 2016

Hot Inspirational Mom 6 Years After Transforming Her Body

6 Years ago this Month Brandi Wisdom Stepped into Hitch Fit To Transform her Body and Life.  5 Months Later she had one of the Most Impacting and Inspirational Transformations in the World.  Her Story [...]

1101, 2016

Lose Weight After 60 ? You are NEVER Too Old!

Lose weight after 60 ? Yes! You are NEVER Too Old!  60 and Fit! Nancy lost 20 pounds and 10% body fat with Hitch Fit. I LOVE today's transformation story!! When women who [...]

701, 2016

Micah LaCerte’s 18 Year Journey From Skinny to Ironman Cover Model

"18 Years Old and 138lbs" Micah LaCerte's 18 Year Journey | From Skinny to Ironman Cover Model My Journey Started at the Age of 18.  I was 138lbs and was ready to Transform My Body. [...]

301, 2016

Lance Shows Off His New Ripped 6 Pack Abs After Losing 30 lbs

Lance Showing off his New Ripped 6 Pack Abs!! I started my transformation at 202 pounds and approximately 25% body fat.  I ended the fat loss phase after 18 weeks and was down to 172 [...]

610, 2015

Health Challenges can’t stop this Australian Online Client

Health Challenges didn't stop Lisa from making positive changes to her eating and exercise habits.   Today's transformation story is Lisa. She is an online personal training client from Australia. I'm so glad [...]

2809, 2015

Clean Eating Challenge Changed This Mother of Twins Body!

Today's transformation story is Holly! Holly is a mother of twins, yes TWINS... and her weight has fluctuated throughout her life. She, like so many women, was afraid of the weight room, thinking it would [...]

1409, 2015

Skinny Fat to Six Pack Abs for this Mother of FOUR!

Mother of FOUR including triplets gets six pack abs with Hitch Fit Online Personal Training. Mother of four. Those three words tell you all you need to know about the busyness of today's [...]

909, 2015

Dad Bod to Fit in 12 Weeks

Do I have an Awesome Transformation for you!! Jeremy a Father wanted to get in shape, not only to transform his outside but internally to be more healthy in 12 weeks he Did AMAZING Dropping [...]

3108, 2015

Fitness For Moms! 10% Body Fat Loss!

Strong Mom Cindy Lost nearly 20 Pounds of Fat with Hitch Fit!  Fitness For Moms! Find out How Cindy Lost 10% Body Fat and nearly 20 pounds! I am so proud to share [...]

2408, 2015

25 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

Hitch Fit Online Weight Loss Plan Client Lost 25 Pounds 25 Pound Weight Loss Success Story - Franca! I LOVE sharing stories of clients who initially didn't have confidence that they could be [...]

1708, 2015

Over 40 Pound Weight Loss Transforms This Mother’s Life!

  Over 40 Pound Weight Loss Success Story - Lisa! Total loss - 44 pounds - Size 14 to Size 2 I am so excited to share today's transformation, Lisa, with you! Lisa actually went [...]

1408, 2015

Where are they NOW? Hitch Fit Client Qualifies for Boston Marathon!

Where are they NOW?  Success Story Update - Jill - 50 and FIT - Qualifies for Boston Marathon!! You may remember Hitch Fit superstar transformation Jill, this 50 years young runner shed the body fat, [...]

1008, 2015

Australia Fitness Model Competes for first time!

Australia Fitness Model competes for first time with Hitch Fit Competition Prep Plan!  I am so proud of today's transformation, Bec! She is one of our Hitch Fit Aussie clients who wanted to get in [...]