What is Hitch Fit?


Hitch Fit is the #1 customized Online Personal Training program in the world. Each program includes nutrition, workouts (for at home or the gym, and appropriate for your current fitness level), cardio guidance and a load of additional information regarding healthy living and how to establish new healthy habits that will enable you to attain and maintain your fitness and fat loss goals. Online support for updates, questions etc. is unlimited through your transformation journey.

This isn’t an automated system, or a website that you enter your stats and it spits out a program for you. With Hitch Fit you are working directly with Hitch Fit owners and c0-founders Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux – LaCerte. Two people who are passionate about seeing you succeed at achieving your fitness goals, and want to support you through the entire process!  Your program is customized just for you, personally, by Micah or Diana. When you send in updates or questions, you are corresponding directly with them! You can view all of the Hitch Fit Online Personal Training program options and rates at www.HitchFit.com/store/programs .

Hitch Fit is a lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix, it’s not a fad diet. We don’t believe in cutting out food groups, or starving clients just so that they lose a lot of scale weight (and then gain it all back as soon as they return to old habits!). The goal of Hitch Fit is to provide you the tools, and learn healthy habits that will enable you to not only achieve your fitness goals, but allow you to maintain them for the rest of your life. The ONLY way to change your body for life, is by consistency with healthy habits. The most important component of healthy living and physical transformation is how you are fueling your body, what you are eating. Strength training and cardio are of course important components to transformation, and essential to a strong and fit body, but without proper nutrition, there is no class, no workout, no fancy gadget that’s advertised on t.v., no pill, that will transform your body. But we can teach you what WILL transform your body, and if you are ready to make change and do it for yourself, you will be amazed at what you are capable of!

Hitch Fit is about so much more than just personal training. It is about transformation. True mind, body and spirit transformation. When you browse through the hundreds of before and after pictures of Hitch Fit clients, you may notice first the change in their bodies, but read their stories and you will see how their minds, their confidence levels, their energy levels, their mental attitudes, have all changed as well. Our goal is to empower our clients! It is amazing to see how people blossom when they commit to the process, follow the plan and discover what they are truly made of!

At Hitch Fit, we work with a wide variety of clients. We work with men, women and children, we work with all ages and fitness levels. We work with clients who have the last 10 pounds to lose, all the way to those who need to change in order to save their lives and shed 100 or more pounds. We work with mothers, fathers, grandmothers. We work with people who travel for their jobs, have crazy hectic schedules and loads of responsibility. We work with clients who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free. We work with clients who train at home, or at the gym. Since we customize our programs, we are able to work around injuries or allergies, or anything that your doctor has asked you to avoid doing. We work with clients who want to shed body fat or lose weight, and we also work with clients whose goal is to build muscle. If you have a special situation that you would like to ask us about, you can write to us at Diana.Chaloux@yahoo.com or Micah@HitchFit.com and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. You can also try the Live support feature on the site, and if we are available we will answer you right away!

Hitch Fit was founded in 2009 by top transformation personal trainers and WBFF Pro fitness model athletes Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux-LaCerte. With over 20 years combined experience in the fitness industry, this dynamic duo created Hitch Fit as a means of giving their clients, whether online or in person, the tools they needed and the motivation to achieve their fitness goals and then maintain them for the rest of their lives. Micah & Diana were married in 2011, so work as a team in all aspects of their lives!

Currently Hitch Fit offers online training programs worldwide: 

Lose Weight Feel Great Program

Bikini Model Program

Fitness Model Program

Build Muscle Program

Couples Bootcamp Program

Vegan/Vegetarian Lose Weight Program

Gluten Free Weight Loss Program

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

Bridal Bootcamp Program

Beauty Pageant Prep Program

PLUS Program – For 60 – 100+ Pound Weight Loss

Get Big Get Ripped Program – Combination of Build Muscle and Lose Weight Programs

Competition Prep Program

Maintenance Program

Please feel free to browse through the Hitch Fit Before and After gallery, and stop by the “About Our Trainers” page to get to know Micah and Diana a little better.

2. One On One Personal Training

Hitch Fit also offers one on one personal training in the Kansas City area. Micah & Diana opened the first Hitch Fit Gym in downtown Kansas City in 2009. In 2014, they opened the second location in Overland Park, KS. Micah and Diana don’t personally offer one on one training as they do online personal training full time. However each gym has an incredible team of TRANSFORMATION trainers. If you are in the Kansas City or Overland Park areas, and are interested in working one on one, or in working online with Micah or Diana and supplementing with one on one training, then stop by www.HitchFitGym.com for trainer profiles. You can also call 816-753-8900 if you have questions or would like to set up a consultation with one of the transformation trainers.

If you have questions on anything you see here utilize the contact page to write to Diana or Micah or write directly to Diana.Chaloux@yahoo.com or Micah@hitchfit.com

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