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    Hitch Fit On The Benefits Of Exercise

    We know that exercise has many benefits; muscle gain and fat loss, most prominently. But, there are so many other incredible benefits to be gained from physical fitness! Mental health, as well as physical health can be gained from the simple act of...

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    Top Ways To Be Your Own Guru

    First, just what is a guru? The best definition is an influential teacher; one with the ability to force others to see their own strengths. Think Ghandi or even Yoda. The kinds of leaders that challenge us daily to see our limitations and inspire...

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    Hitch Fit On Pursuing A Happy Friday!

    This classic phrase needs some backup! Not just for today’s inspiration, but for you to carry with you all week long. Happiness is no easy task, and simply taking a walk today does not always prove to provide one’s self with that immediate spike...

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    Type 1 Diabetes Lose Weight Client Gets in Great Shape and Reduces Insulin Intake!

    I've got an incredibly inspiring story to share with you today! Sarah is a mother and a Type 1 Diabetic, a diagnosis that changed her life when she learned of it 10 years ago. After trying all kinds of "miracle diets" without success, Sarah discovered...

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    20 Snacks Under A Buck

    Looking for a way to stay healthy, happy, and under budget? Check out this amazing list of Hitch Fit’s favorite foods under a buck! Fruits and Veggies: Natural and delicious, these options give you the sweet juiciness, satisfying crunch, and...

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    4 Secrets To Increasing Your Strength

    Here at Hitch Fit, we help individuals lose weight, eat right, gain muscle, and become happy, healthy individuals. Today we’re going to talk about four tips to increasing your physical strength. No matter what program you use, there are always ways...

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    One Simple Phrase To Keep You Going

    If You Start Something – Finish It This one matra can mean the difference between getting in shape, and getting your body to its healthiest, happiest place. It can mean the difference between eating less sugar, and eating a completely nutritious...

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    Hitch Fit’s 6 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

    Just what is happiness, anyway?? To help you with that definition, here are some synonyms: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, joy, cheerfulness, glee, delight, and well-being. These are all words we strive to achieve in our daily lives, and often...