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  • Are Your Beverage Choices Preventing Fat Loss?

    Seeking fat loss? If you feel like you’re on track to success because you’ve formed your very own diet plan and are making sure that no food passes your lips that isn’t allowed, you may want to do a double take and make sure that you aren’t making...

  • Overtraining

    Signs You May Need A Training Break

    If you’ve been working hard in the gym and with your diet, making sure you never miss a beat, chances are you’ve had some pretty good success by now. This success may serve to further motivate you, making you want to keep up your effort full steam...

  • Magen before and after front

    Online Personal Training Client Learns BALANCE and a Healthy Lifestyle!

      Magen and her husband Ken on a recent vacation!  I am so proud of today's transformation Magen! When this little lady first wrote to me, she was caught up in a cycle of turning to fad diets for quick scale loss, her poor body had gone through...

  • accountability partner

    The Best Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable On Your Workout Program

    Do you find that after you start up on a fresh new diet or workout program, it’s only two weeks in and you’ve fallen off the bandwagon already?   For many people, staying accountable is the hardest part of success. They have the best of...

  • Outdoor cycling

    Outdoor Activities That’ll Burn Fat Quickly

    With the fall season now underway, many of you may be feeling a little tentative about moving back into the gym.  You loved how you could take your workouts outdoors during the summer and now that cooler weather is on the way, you don’t quite feel...

  • Kristina before and after front

    Mother of two Learns Healthy Eating Habits and Sheds 25 Pounds with Hitch Fit!

    I've got an awesome mom transformation to share today! Kristina is a mother of 2 who wanted to get herself to a healthier place, learn healthy eating habits and also be a good example for her children! She learned how to eat frequently to fuel her body...

  • Getting Back To Fitness Program

    How To Get Back Into Your Workouts After A Summer Away

    If you’ve just taken the summer away from your workouts, either intentionally because you wanted to be outside more often or just because that’s how it ended up with how often you got away for weekends or summer events, you now face the fact it’s...

  • Lindsay Evans Before and After Front

    Hitch Fit Helps Online Personal Training Client Lose 20 Pounds of Fat!

    Lindsay is such an inspiration and I'm so glad to be sharing her story! After having to suffer the loss of a miscarriage, Lindsay struggled with depression and needed to find a way to get back to herself and a healthy lifestyle, she was inspired by...